Roasting Intelligence (RI) Preferences

The following article shows how to set your RI preferences. 

Opening the preferences window

  1. Log in to the Roasting Intelligence (RI)
  2. Click Account > Preferences or simply use the shortcut CMD + P.
  3. The preferences window pops up. It consists of the following tabs:

General tab


Revise your weight, temperature, pressure and roast value units.

User interface 

  • Language: Choose your language from the drop-down. When "System default" is set, the RI takes the language settings from the account settings. 
  • Reset productivity hints: When clicking this initial usage hints will be shown one more time. 


  • Mark events by: Choose whether you want to mark events by Bean Temperature or Time.
  • Timer: 
    • Modulation timer
      • Drying phase: From start until color change
      • Maillard phase: From color change until first crack
      • Development phase: From first crack until end of roast
    • Development timer: First crack triggers the development time. 
    • None: Switches off the timer
  • Alarm: When checked, an alarm will go off, 60 seconds before first crack and end of roast (according to the reference curve set).
  • Confirm end of roast: When checked, the RI requires a second click to confirm end of roast. 
  • Curve prediction: When checked, the RI predicts the bean temperature and RoR two minutes into the future. 
  • Rate of Rise (RoR) settings: There are three RoR settings that define the speed (responsiveness) and smoothing (Recommended, Sensitive, Noise smoothing).
    Learn how to set the RoR within RI.


  • Gas replay
    • Enable replay feature: Check the box to enable the replay feature. 
    • Reset initial gas setting: When checked the gas settings will be reset to the initial settings of the profile. 
  • Auto-mark development events: When checked, Color change, 1st crack and 2nd crack will be marked automatically according to the reference roast
  • Enable/ disable automatic start and end detection.
    Learn how automatic start and end detection works

Chart tab


  • The x-axis shows the length of the roasts in minutes.
    Define the range of the x-axis. Please avoid setting the x-axis too tight, as roasting past the x-axis might lead to problems.


  • The Y-axis displays the temperature on the left side and the RoR on the right side.
    Please keep in mind that the ideal range may vary depending on the set temperature unit and RoR interval.

Customize comments

  • Show Gas curve as comments: when enabled, each gas change will be added as comment to the main graph. 
  • Customize what comments from the reference you would like to see and check what comments you would like to track, by the help of the comments window. 

Machine tab

Within the machine tab you can connect your roast machine with Cropster. 

Hint: If your machine is not yet successfully set up, look for the corresponding setup manual in the Cropster helpdesk or get in touch with Cropster support

Furthermore you can set:

Graph settings (1)

  • Color: Choose your preferred color for each measurement.
  • Chart: When checked, there will be a curve shown in the chart for the respective measurement.
  • Value: When checked, the current temperature of the measurement shows up at the right hand side of the chart.  

Offset (2)

If the temperature of Cropster and your roast machine slightly differ, enter the difference as an offset. 

Note: A deviation of a few degrees is common, especially when the signal is spliced. If the deviation in temperature is bigger than 5° or if there are any uncertainties, feel free to get in touch with Cropster support

Rate of Rise (RoR) (3)

Enable the RoR for each measurement by toggling the corresponding button green.

Hint: If you have not looked at our FAQ on Rate of Rise and have some questions about its purpose, we recommend you do! Here is the link