How does "Automatic start and end detection" work

Automatic start and end detection is a feature of the Roasting Intelligence (RI).

The start and the end of the roast is triggered by a significant temperature drop when filling or unloading the drum with the beans. 

To enable Automatic start and end detection follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to the RI
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > General tab
  3. Check the box next to Auto-detect start and end of a roast

Set values for what temperature drop will start your roast timer: 

  • Start detection:  If you choose 7ºC/13ºF degrees, the roast timer will start once the temperature has dropped 7ºC/13ºF continuosly within a 30 second window, and calculates start of the roast.
  • End detection: Once there is a second temperature drop, the RI detects the end of the roast. If you choose 3ºC/5ºF, the roast timer will detect the end once the temperature has dropped 3ºC/5ºF continously within 5 seconds.

When automatic start and end detection is enabled, make sure that the bean temperature is stable (not decreasing) the moment you release the beans into the drum. 

If your roast machine's temperature readings display noise/electrical interference, and your temperature is "jumping around", the RI may recognize the start/end prematurely due to the start/end threshold being reached within the specified interval of time (i.e. Start: 30 sec, End: 5 sec).