How to use the Bean Curve Prediction

In this manual you will learn how to use Cropster's Bean Curve Prediction.

Bean Curve Prediction 

How does our Bean Curve Prediction work?

With Bean Curve Prediction, you can now see how your Bean temperature and Bean RoR curves will progress in the future! 

Please read on to learn more about how Bean Curve Prediction works:

  • Prediction begins 60 seconds into your roast and prediction accuracy improves over time as it collects more data.
  • It updates every second and the further into the roast you go, the more accurate the prediction becomes.
  • A dotted curve prediction curve will be shown for the Bean temperature (1) and Bean RoR (2) for the upcoming 2 minutes. 
  • A vertical line (highlighted in purple)(3) will be displayed at the present time.
  • A light-blue background (4) will show the area for the upcoming 2 minutes.

Note: you need to have an active internet connection in order for the Bean Curve Prediction to work.

This means you can compare the Bean Curve Predictions with the reference curve in the background to see how far the prediction is off the reference curve. Based on that information you can make changes and adjust gas flow to keep your curve on the reference.

Prediction will only produce sensible results for standard roast curves (drop and continuous rise after turning point). Hot air roasters deviate from the "standard" roast curves, so you may encounter issues for such machines.

Why is an internet connection required? 

A running internet connection is needed because we need to update the curve prediction every second with new data (i.e. new temperature, new gas setting) to ensure accuracy. For example, if you change your gas setting to 50% the algorithm needs to react immediately to how the temperature curve will change based on this new setting.

The prediction uses a “normal” amount of data volume from your internet plan. We estimate about 1mb per 3 min roasting, which equals about 4mb for 1 Roast (with a roasting duration of 12 minutes). So if you roast 8 hours per day, with 3-4 roasts per hour, it uses about 1 GB of data.

How to turn on/off Smart predictions

Note: Smart predictions refer to our AI-powered features (i.e. Bean curve prediction, First crack prediction, etc.)

  1. Via RI preferences
  2. During a roast (via the Smart predictions button)

Via RI preferences

  1. From Roasting Intelligence (RI), go to Account > Preferences > General tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Smart predictions section

  3. To enable Bean curve prediction, check the box next to Show bean temperature and RoR prediction...

    Note: To enable the First Crack prediction, check the box next to Show the first crack prediction...

  4. Click the Save button to save the preferences.

During a roast

Note: The Smart predictions button enables/disables the features that have been enabled from the Smart predictions section from the RI preferences.

Once the Bean curve prediction has been activated via the RI settings, you can enable/disable Smart predictions easily during a roast, by toggling on/off the Smart predictions button from the RI's top-right corner.

You are now ready roast using our Bean Curve Prediction!

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