What is the First crack prediction?

    Activating Smart predictions

    Cropster's Smart predictions can be enabled from Roasting Intelligence (RI), by going to Account > Preferences > General tab, then scroll down to the Smart predictions section.

    Note: To learn more about the steps to activate Smart predictions, such as the First crack prediction, visit the following manual: Using Smart predictions

    First crack prediction

    Now available on Roasting Intelligence 4, Cropster delivers First crack prediction based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to show you when the first crack will most likely happen so you can plan your roast accordingly.

    What is First crack?

    The "First crack" is a cracking sound you can hear when the coffee beans have expanded, and the moisture has begun to evaporate from the beans.

    Roast expert and consultant Rob Hoos, shared with us through our, "Webinar: RoastID Round 2 - Time, Temperature, and Roasting Stages," that the first crack is where a significant amount of water starts to evaporate from the coffee beans, which allows the heat to penetrate the bean, and causes chemical reactions.

    Studies show that this phase, together with coloration, has the biggest impact on aroma and flavor development.

    To have better control over roasting, and the start of the development phase, it’s therefore useful to be ready for the first crack. In our Webinar: RoastID Round 1 - Roast Defects & The Essentials, we also spoke to roasting experts Anne Cooper and Shelby Williamson who highlighted the importance of making sure the roast doesn’t *stall around the stage of first crack.

    *Stalling is when not enough heat is applied, or gas is cut too early and the Rate of Rise drops too quickly.

    How is the First crack prediction useful?

    With AI-based First crack prediction in Cropster, roasters are closer to knowing the “exact” time of first crack!

    When you are roasting a completely new coffee you do not know when your coffee will hit first crack. You can make a rough estimation, based on your experience, but understanding how a new coffee will react to a gas change requires multiple test batches to achieve your desired outcome (e.g. development time ratio).

    With First crack prediction you can improve this process and save time and resources as you get to a result faster and with fewer batches.

    You are now ready to roast using our First crack prediction!

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