How to use the First Crack Prediction

This article will explain how to activate and use the First Crack Prediction.

    What is the First Crack?

    The First Crack is a cracking sound you can hear when the coffee beans have expanded and the moisture has begun to evaporate from the beans.

    According to Rob Hoos, it is a point where a significant amount of water starts to evaporate from the coffee beans which allows the heat to penetrate the bean and causes chemical reactions.

    Studies also show that this phase together with the coloration has the biggest impact on aroma and flavor development. 

    Why use the First Crack Prediction?

    With the AI-based First Crack Prediction in Cropster, you can improve the process of roasting a new coffee, save time and resources, also get to a result faster and with fewer batches. 

    The First Crack Prediction helps you to prepare for the first crack event and also to achieve a consistent roast. 

    How does the First Crack Prediction work?

    The First Crack Prediction is shown in the Roasting Intelligence (RI) as a time window and it will appear 3 minutes before the first crack is predicted to happen. This will give you plenty of time to react and avoid gas or airflow changes too close to the event. 
    💡 According to Scott Rao, there should be no gas changes about 40-45 seconds before the first crack and also no airflow adjustments 2 minutes before the first crack.

    Activating Smart Predictions

    By completing the steps below you can activate the First Crack Prediction:

    1. Log in to the Roasting Intelligence (RI).
    2. Navigate to the gear-png-2 Preferences on the bottom left side of the screen. 
    3. Select the Roasting tab and Smart features
    4. By clicking the respective checkboxes you can activate the Smart predictions.
      Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 16.34.14
    5. Click on Save to confirm the changes.

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    Congratulations! You are now ready to use the First Crack Prediction.

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