Besca with automation software - Roasting Intelligence (RI) Setup

This manual covers the connection of a Besca roast machine with automation software to Cropster's Roasting Intelligence.




  • Ethernet cable
Supported measurements


Setting up a connection

Via the computer 

  1. Connect the network cable to your roaster's ethernet port 
  2. Connect the other end to the computer's ethernet port.

Proceed with the Network settings.

Network settings

When the roaster is connected to the computer directly, you need to set up a static IP address. 


Static IP address configuration - Windows 7, 8, 10

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
    or enter ncpa.cpl in the Windows search field.
  2. On the left panel, click the Change adapter settings link.
  3. Identify the network adapter-icon that refers to the roast machine connection.
    If you are not sure which icon refers to the roast machine, simply disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable and check which icon changes its status.
  4. Right-click the network adapter and select Properties.
  5. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and click the Properties button.
  6. Select Use the following IP Address option.
  7. Enter the specific IP Address for your roaster:
    • IP Address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • Leave the rest blank
  8. Click the OK button to submit your changes.

Proceed with the Roasting Intelligence (RI) Setup.


    Static IP address configuration - MacOS 

    Creating a new network location 

    1. Go to > System Preferences > Network
    2. Identify the Network connection item that refers to the connection to your machine and select that item.
      If you are not sure which icon refers to the roast machine, simply disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable and check which icon changes its status.
    3. Open the Locations drop-down menu and click Edit Locations...
    4. Create a new location by clicking the + sign and name it after your machine, e.g. Besca.
    5. Click Done to confirm.

    The statuses next to the network connection item will change to Not connected. After setting the static IP address the status will say Connected again.

    Configuring the static IP address

    1. Make sure the Network connection item that refers to the connection to your machine is still selected.
    2. Open the Configure IPv4 dropdown and choose Manually.
    3. Enter the specific IP Address for your roaster 
      • IP Address:
      • Subnet mask:
      • Leave the rest blank
    4. Click the Apply button to confirm the changes. 
    5. Proceed with the Roasting Intelligence (RI) Setup.


      Roasting Intelligence (RI) Setup


      Installing the Roasting Intelligence (RI) software

      1. Download the Roasting Intelligence from
      2. The Cropster installer leads you through all the installation steps.
      3. Open the RI by double-clicking the Cropster icon on the desktop
      4. Enter your username and password.
        They are the email address and password you were given to access your Cropster account on
      5. Check the Remember credentials box if you want to be able to run the RI offline.
      6. Click the Login button. 


      Establishing a connection to the machine

      1. Go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab.
      2. Select the Roasting machine you would like to connect from the drop down menu (e.g. Besca BSC-05)
      3. Select Besca Auto from the drop-down for all measurements.
      4. Click on the gear () icon to open the PLC IP Settings. 
        • Enter the IP address of the roast machine:
        • Copy the limit parameters from the Besca HMI settings.
          Do NOT change the output values on the Besca HMI display.

          Besca HMI settings (new UI)

          Besca HMI settings (former UI)

      5. Click Save to confirm the changes. The RI requires a restart to apply the settings.

          If the setup was successful you will be able to see temperature values on the right-hand side of the RI screen, after the restart.

          Customize your RI user preferences

          Learn how to use Gas control and Replay assist

          Changes on the Cropster control are not made visible on the Besca display. E.g. Gas/Airflow slider change on the Roasting Intelligence (RI) does not change slider or value on the RMM HMI. All changes are effectuated correctly. 


          If the RI indicates No source connected and/or you cannot see any measurements, please check the following: 

          • Is the static IP address configured correctly?
          • Is the, according to the machine type, correct IP address entered?
          • If the Cropster Gas measurement deviates from the Besca panel, please make sure the Flame Input down limit for Burner on the Besca display (former HMI) matches 0. If not, please change the Flame Input Down Limit to 0

          For further assistance, please create a support ticket by clicking the Support button in the left lower corner of the app. A Cropster support rep will get in touch with you.

          Congratulations! You have successfully set up the Cropster Roasting Intelligence!

          Check out our Getting started video and enjoy tracking your first roasts! 

          More manuals and videos can be found on