Using Airflow control & replay assist

This article covers the workflow for Cropster's Airflow control & replay assist feature. 

Airflow control & replay assist is currently available for Probat series 2 (with Probat Pilot Roaster Shop software), Probat PIII and Giesen W-models (after June 2014).

On Giesen machine's the airflow is controlled by the drum pressure. Drum pressure control and Airflow control are used interchangeable in the following.

Setting up the Airflow control measurement

Hint: If the Airflow control measurement is not yet enabled, learn how to enable it

  1. Open the Roasting Intelligence (RI).
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab. 
  3. Scroll down to the Airflow control measurement and select the option representing your machine.
    • Probat PLC (for Probat series 2 machines)
    • Probat WebSocket (for Probat PIII machines)
    • Giesen PLC
  4.  Save your changes and restart the RI.

Cropster's Airflow control allows you to regulate the airflow directly within the RI. 

Once, you have set up a profile using Airflow control, the profile can also be replayed. This means Cropster automatically reproduces the airflow settings applied during the creation of the profile based on bean temperature. 

The Airflow control bar 

The Airflow control bar is in the bottom-right corner, next to the measurements and can be disabled or enabled by clicking the Hide/Show button, same as for the Gas control button. 

Roasting with Airflow control

Start your roast as you usually would in the RI. Now, instead of manually adjusting the airflow supply at the roast control board, use the Airflow control bars at the right-hand side of the RI.

  • For small adjustments, use the + and - button.
  • For big adjustments, use the bar by dragging and dropping the slider
  • Hint: Click on one of the percentage values shown next to the bar to instantly adjust the airflow accordingly.

Note: As soon as you have recorded one roast with the control bar, set this roast as the reference to switch into Replay assist.

Replaying a roast 

Never leave the roast machine unattended while replaying a roast. Cropster replays the roast and captures the details, but you are always responsible for monitoring the roast machine to ensure it is operating safely.

Note: When using the Replay assist at the beginning of a roasting day or after a cool down period, special attention should be given in monitoring the automated changes during the first 1-3 batches, as the roasting machine may not have fully heated up and not roasting consistently. Additional adjustments may be required during these roasts.

  1. Prepare your roast by entering the Profile, Green Inventory and Start weight.
    The RI is only able to replay roasts if the reference roast has been conducted using the Cropster control bar.
    Learn how to set a reference.
  2. A green Replay button appears at the bottom next to the Start button.
  3. Click the Replay button to start the roast using Replay assist.
    In replay mode the airflow changes will be applied automatically during the roast based on the bean temperature of the reference roast.
  4. Upcoming auto adjustments will be shown in the comments box at the right-hand side, marked with the Replay icon.
  5. You can always manually overwrite the airflow settings when using Replay assist via:
    • the roast machine's control board.
    • the control bar in the RI.
  6. If you want to switch off Replay assist, use the toggle button at the top of the control bar.
  7. By default, five seconds after the roast has been finished, airflow will be automatically adjusted according to the reference's initial settings to prepare the roaster for the next batch.

Note: Click here if you want to revise the preferences. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the Airflow control assistant!

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