How to take samples

With samples you can do cupping, green grading and print labels


    Samples serve two main purposes in Cropster:

    • Samples can be used to collect quality information through sensorial and physical analysis
    • The Samples section allows you to print labels and track the status of samples sent to buyers.

    You can create samples linked to batches, or you can create samples linked to lots. You can also create samples directly that do not link to either.

    Warning: You cannot create samples linked to Lot that is not in your Inventory. Please first add the Lot to your Inventory, and then take a sample.

    Taking a sample from a batch

    To create a sample linked to a batch, please follow these instructions:

    1. From our online platform C-sar, go to Origin > Batches.
    2. Click on the details page of the batch in question (i.e. INN-XX-XXXX) 
    3. Under the Samples box, click on +Add sample.
      Note: You will be taken to the Add sample screen. Information about the batch is copied to this screen.
    4. Enter a sample weight and select a sample type.
    5. When you are satisfied, press the Create sample button.
    6. You will be taken to the sample's overview page, from where you can add green grading (1) and add cupping information (2).
    7. After entering the quality information, it will appear on the sample's overview page under the Quality information section (3).
    8. You can also view a summary of the results on the batch details page (Origin > Batches > [Batch ID-Tag]) in the Samples box.

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    Taking a sample from a lot

    You may also take a sample from a lot already in your Inventory. To create a sample linked to a lot, follow the instructions below: 

    1. Go to the Inventory section from the menu on the top of the page.
    2. Click on the ID-Tag (i.e. PG-XXXX) for the lot. 
    3. Scroll down to the Quality information section and select the option to +Add sample.
    4. Pressing the +Add sample button opens a popup window that allows you to either create a new sample or link the lot to an existing sample. Toggle between the two options by moving the slider.

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    Create a new sample

    1. If you choose to create a new sample, select a Sample type and enter a Sample weight
    2. You can edit the sample details before creation by pressing Create & edit details, or you can simply press Create to quickly add the sample.

    Link an existing sample

    1. If you choose to link to an existing sample, type in part of the sample name or ID-Tag into the search bar. 
    2. Once you have selected the sample, press Add to group. This will link the selected sample to the current lot.

    Managing samples

    All samples can be managed from the Samples section. From here you can create new cupping or green grading sessions, and also print sample labels or generate quality reports. You can control which columns are visible in the view using the Customize drop-down menu.

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    You are now ready to manage Samples using Cropster Origin!

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