How to mill lots

In this manual you will learn how to mill lots using Cropster Origin.



Milling lots

Whenever a lot is dry-milled, the final amount of green coffee should be recorded in Cropster. The Mill Lot function will enable you to reduce the weight of unmilled inventory while at the same time creating new green inventory. You may choose to create new lots for the green weight, or merge the weight into an existing lot. Each lot has an associated Grade field which will allow you to keep track of the different outputs from milling.

For example, if you wish to mill 25 bags of parchment, you may end up with a new lot of 15 bags of high grade (screen 14+) green coffee, and an additional 4 bags of low grade which you choose to merge into an existing “underscreen” lot, and 1 bag of defect coffee which you merge into a “residual” lot.

Selecting the lot

Only lots that have the Processing step: ParchmentDry-cherry or Raw green may be milled. These all have the PP prefix on the ID-Tag. 

Lots that have the Processing step: Green cannot be milled, and have the prefix PG on the ID-Tag.

  1. From our online platform C-sar, go to the Inventory tab, where you can see a list of all the PP and PG lots in your inventory. 
  2. Click on the Customize drop-down menu and check the box next to Mill lot to enable the milling function from the table.
    Warning: PP lots with a weight of 0, and all PG lots are listed as Milled under this column.
  3. Choose one of the PP lots with a weight greater than 0, and press the Mill lot button.

Recording the input amount

From the Mill lot screen you will see the remaining unmilled weight for the lot you have selected. 

  1. From this amount, you must choose the weight to be milled
  2. Click on All weight available to select the entire amount
    Note: This weight will be subtracted from the weight of the PP lot.
  3. Next, you must decide where the milled weights will be recorded, either as new lots, or added into existing lots, or both.

Milling into a new lot

You may choose to create a new lot for some or all of the milled weight. 

For example: It may make sense to create new lots for your high grade export-quality coffee.

To create a new lot(s), follow the below instructions:

  1. Press the +Add new green lot button. You may create as many new lots as you wish.
  2. Enter a Name, Grade and the Weight for each new lot you are creating.

You may also choose to add some or all of the milled weight to lots previously created. 

For example: It may make sense to add lower qualities, defects or residual coffee into existing commercial lots.
  1. To add to an existing lot press the +Add to existing green lot button. You may add weight to as many existing lots as you wish. 
  2. Under Destination green lot, enter text to filter for the desired lot. 
  3. After selecting the lot, enter the Weight to be added.
  4. Press Mill lot at the bottom right corner to confirm your selections, this will redirect you to the Inventory page.

If you have milled the entire weight of the PP lot, it will no longer appear on the list. Any new lots that were created will have the prefix PG, and any existing lots that were added too, will have updated weights

Viewing previously milled lots

To view any previously milled PP lots from the Inventory page: 

  1. Click on the Customize drop-down menu in the top right corner
  2. Toggle the slider next to Include consumed inventory button; the greyed-out PP lots will become visible on the list.

You are now ready to mill lots!

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