Creating a Sensorial session

This manual shows you how to set up a sensorial session within Cropster.

Creating a Sensorial session

There are four ways to create a session:

Sensorial Session - Via the Cupping sessions overview page

  1. Click on Quality > Cupping sessions.
  2. To create a new quality session, click on the +Add cupping session-button on the right upper corner of your window

Sensorial Session - Via the Roasts overview page 

Note: For Roast customers only.

  1. Go to the Roasts-section
  2. Check the boxes next to the coffees you want to cup.
  3. Click to Quality > Add cupping session. 

Sensorial Session - Via the dashboard

  1. Click on the + Add-button at the right upper corner of your dashboard.
  2. Go to + Cupping session to get to create a new quality session.

Setting up a sensorial session

There are two types of sessions. There are standard non-blind sessions and advanced sessions which offer better tracking and blind cupping sessions.

Note: Advanced Sessions are reserved for Lab and Roast Professional accounts. Advanced session features are indicated with a * below.

If you would like to try advanced session features, we offer 14-day trials of higher packages to current Cropster users. Please contact your sales representative or simply email

When creating a session you have the following customization options:

  1. Session type*: Choose between Non-blind, Blind and Double-blind cupping.
  2. Schedule for*: Schedule a session for a specific date and time. 
  3. Name: Give your session a unique name so it's easier to find
  4. Sheet*: Select a cupping sheet you want to use.
  5. Lab: Track samples across multiple labs
  6. Category*: Set a category to better capture your cupping sessions
  7. Label*: For Blind and Double-blind cuppings, you have three label options:Alphabetical (A, B, C)
    • Numerical (1, 2, 3)
    • 3 Letters (ABC, DEF, GHI)
  8. Samples: Search and add samples, inventory or production lots
    • If you know the ID tag, you can quickly enter it in the search field. Results are limited to the past 6 months.
    • For a broader search (e.g. using the name of a lot) you can use the + Advanced sample search button.
    • You can also change the order of the samples on the table by dragging-and-dropping them into the right order.
  9. Click Save as draft if you want to alter the session at a later point or click Save & Next to submit your session and start cupping. 

Hint: Once the session is open you can start entering results within the browser directly or using our cupping app Cropster Cup!

Session status

A Session has three stages:

  • Draft: In the draft stage, the session can be edited. You can add/remove samples, change the cupping sheet, etc.
  • Open: When a session is opened, it's time to evaluate and submit results via Cropster Cup or directly within the online platform. Open sessions can not be altered. 
  • Closed: Indicates that a session is done and all results have been submitted. However, your results can be edited. If necessary, it is possible to reopen a session.

You are now ready to create sessions!

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