How to create a pre-roast blend

This article shows you how to roast a pre-roast blend using Cropster. 

Creating a pre-roast blend consists of two steps: 

Creating a Pre-roast blend profile

  1. Log in to the online platform C-sar
  2. Go to the Profiles overview page by clicking on Roasts > Profiles
  3. To create a new profile, click the + Create Profile button in the upper right corner. 
  4. Choose Pre-roast blend and enter the following information:
    • Profile name*: Give your profile a name
    • Associated profile group**: Select a Profile group to link the new profile.
      Note: This can be done later on from the Profile groups page. 
    • Roast batch naming*: Choose how you want to name the roasted batches
    • Reference roast: Select a reference roast (remember this will be the grey curve in the background of your Roasting Intelligence that guides you through the roast). If there is no reference yet, you can choose one later.
    • Expected weight loss: Enter the expected weight loss. If you leave this field empty, Cropster will take the average weight loss after 10 roasts. 
    • Associated green lot(s)*: Select the green lots and their shares in percentage or weight. Click + Add component to add more lots to your blend profile.
    • Machine: Enter the ideal batch size and restrict your profile to a certain machine (optional)
    • Goals**: Exclude profile from global roasting goals (optional)
    • Add project: Assign your profile to a certain project (optional)
    • Add notes
      *These options are essential
      ** Roast Goals and Roasted components are available on Professional and higher tiers.
  1. Click Create profile. 
  2. Review the newly created profile.

Note: Learn how to manage your profiles

Roasting a Pre-roast blend

  1. Open the Roasting Intelligence (RI).
  2. Click the Synchronize-button to fetch the latest changes made within C-sar.
  3. Choose the blend profile in question. 
  4. Review the components of your blend. If needed, you can change the components directly within the RI before roasting. 
  5. If adjusting the Total start weight, the start weight of each component will be adjusted according to the blend ratio.
  6. Click the Start-button, to start your roast

Note: Interested in scheduling a pre-roast blend?

You are now ready to create a Pre-roast blend!

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