Using Projects

This article explains how to create, manage, edit, archive and view archived projects.

Projects are available for the following products:

  • Roast
  • Origin

Why use Projects?

Using Projects is a way to group different lots and samples that share a common characteristic.

You can label your batches and lots with custom characteristics you define. E.g. if you register various different lots from Honduras in the same year you can group them as the project "Honduras."

You can later run different reports such as the Green Inventory Report to filter information on projects.

💡 Using Projects is optional.

Creating Projects

By following the steps below you can create Projects:

  1. Log into the online platform C-sar.
  2. Navigate to More on the main menu bar.
  3. You will find Projects by clicking on the drop-down.
  4. By selecting +Add new project, you can create a new project. 
  5. Enter the Project name*. Project description is optional.
    * indicating a mandatory field
    Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 10.11.45

6.   With Create project you are able to add a new project. 
7.    The new project will appear on the bottom of your Project dashboard

Managing Projects

Tag your lots with projects and track them throughout production. 

You can use projects with: 

  • Green lots (PG- or SG numbers)
  • Roasts (PR- or PG numbers)
  • Profiles

You may add a project to existing lots by editing the particular lot. E.g. You navigate to the Inventory dashboard and select a lot.

By clicking on Edit lot and Customize fields dropdown, you can add Project as general information you would like to capture.

If editing multiple lots, you must first click the checkboxes next to the lots you wish to edit. After clicking on Edit, you are able to select the Project from the dropdown menu. 

Editing Projects

  1. To edit a project, navigate to More > Projects. 
  2. Click on Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 12.05.27 Edit corresponding to the project you would like to edit.
    Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 10.54.08

Archiving Projects

  1. Navigate to More on the main menu bar and select Projects
  2. Select Archive at the project that corresponds to the project you wish to archive.
    Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 11.07.14

Viewing archived Projects

  1. Navigate to Projects.
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, click on the drop-down next to Customize.
  3. Toggle the Include archived projects (1) button.
    Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 09.42.23
  4. Click the Unarchive (2) button that corresponds to the project you would like to unarchive.

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Congratulations! You are now able to create and manage Projects. 

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