Multi Barrel Lab Roasters - Roasting Intelligence (RI) Setup

This manual explains how to set up more than one instance of the Roasting Intelligence, in order to track sample roasts on multi barrel roasters.  




  • Ungrounded digital thermocouples type K, J, T or E
  • Cropster Connector (Phidget 1048)

Supported measurements

  • Bean temperature


Setting up a connection

Up to four barrels can be connected to Cropster. 

  1. Follow the bean probe of the first barrel from the probe tip to its end. 
  2. Connect the two wires to channel "0/G" on the Cropster Connector.
EURO-standard US-standard


  • Green wire to number port (e.g. 0)
  • White wire to corresponding G port
  • Yellow wire to number port (e.g. 0)
  • Red wire to corresponding G port
    • Black wire to number port (e.g. 0)
    • White wire to corresponding port
      J -type
      • White wire to number port (e.g. 0)
      • Red wire to corresponding port

        Repeat the steps above to connect the remaining barrels to another channel of the Cropster Connector (up to 4 barrels).

        Phidget driver setup

        Firstly, you will need to start Phidgets WebService.

        1. If you haven't yet, install the Phidget driver compatible with your computer's operating system.
        2. Open the Phidget Control Panel:
          • Windows: Search for Phidget Control Panel in the search field
          • Mac: Search for Phidget Control Panel through the Finder app, under Applications
        3. Go the Network Server tab and enter the information as follows:
          • Server Name: Cropster 
          • Port: 5001
          • Leave the password field empty.
          • Check the Start Automatically on Boot box on MacOS / Set the Startup Type to Automatic on Windows.
          • Click Start Network Server on MacOS / Click the Start button at the bottom on Windows.
        4. Close the Phidget Control Panel.

        Multi barrel setup

        Downloading the startup script

        The second step is to download the startup script

        1. Download the Roasting Intelligence from
        2. The Cropster installer leads you through all the installation steps.
        3. Download the multibarrel startup script below and save it to the desktop.

        Configuring the startup script

        The startup script is preconfigured for a four barrel sample roaster. If you have a four barrel roaster, proceed with the RI setup

        If your roaster has fewer than four barrels, you will need to adapt the file first:

        1. Right click on the file, select Open With and choose the text editor application.
        2. The file contains four text blocks as shown below:
          Each block refers to one barrel of your roaster.
        3. If you have e.g. a two barrel roaster, you need to delete the last two text blocks. 
        4. Save your changes.

        Roasting Intelligence (RI) setup

        Opening the Roasting Intelligence (RI)

        To open several instances of the Roasting Intelligence (RI), follow the steps below. 


        If you are using Windows, double-click the startup script (RoastingIntelligence41.vbs). Several instances of the Roasting Intelligence will open. 


        If using MacOS, you will need to make the start script executable. 

        1. Download the to your desktop.
        2. Unpack the file by double-clicking it. It will create a new file called make_executable.
        3. Unpack the start script file (
          It will create a file called RoastingIntelligence42.command.
        4. Drag the RoastingIntelligence42.command file on top of the extracted make_executable automator file.
        5. Click Open in the following dialog. Nothing visually will happen, but the file will now be executable.
        6. Double-click the startup script (RoastingIntelligence42.command). Several instances of the Roasting Intelligence will open.


        Check how to run a sh-file on Linux or issue a support ticket for further assistance. 

        Roasting Intelligence (RI) configuration

        Lastly, please enter the machine preferences of each instance. 

        1. Log in to the Roasting Intelligence (RI).
        2. Go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab.
        3. Under Roast machine, select the item that refers to the first barrel. Each barrel will be reflected as a line item (e.g. Probat BRZ Barrel 1, Probat BRZ Barrel 2,...) 
        4. Select Temperature sensor (Ungrounded K/J/E/T-type thermocouples) from the drop-down for measuring bean temp. 
        5. Set the Channel, according to the Cropster Connector port the probe is connected to.
          If the wires are connected to the 0/G-port, select 0 from the drop-down. 
        6. Select the Type of your thermocouples.
        7. Save changes and repeat for the remaining barrels.


        If the RI indicates No source connected and/or you cannot see any measurements, please check the following: 

        • Is the Cropster Connector connected to the computer?
        • Has the WebService been started? Repeat Phidgets driver setup.

        If double-clicking the startup-script does not open the RI, check the following:

        • Is the startup-script compatible with your computer's operating system? See here
        • Mac only: Is the startup-script been made executable? See here

        For further assistance, please create a support ticket by clicking the Support button in the left lower corner of the app. A Cropster support rep will get in touch with you.

        Congratulations! You have successfully set up the Cropster Roasting Intelligence!

        Check out our Getting started video and enjoy tracking your first roasts! 

        More manuals and videos can be found on