How to assign billing permissions

This manual explains how to add or remove the Billing permission from users on your Cropster account.

Note: You need to have administrative privileges to perform the following actions.

Editing billing permissions for existing users

  1. Log in to the Cropster online platform
  2. On your Dashboard in the upper right hand corner click the settings icon then click Users.
  3. You can now edit the permissions of each user in the list separately, by clicking Edit permissions for the user you want to edit.
  4. Click on Custom to see all the advanced permissions the user has. 
  5. To change the billing permission, check or uncheck the box called Payment information
  6. Click Update user to save the edited set of permissions.

Adding a user for billing purposes only

  1. To do so, click Invite user.
  2. Add the name and the email address. 
  3. Select the Billing permission preset and click Invite user.

After the user has accepted the invitation they are able to see and edit only the Billing information on your account and receive billing related messages and notifications, like past due notifications.

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