Equipment and equipment stations

This manual shows you how to manage your equipment across your locations, and how to link equipment with brews and tasks for greater overview and insight.


Equipment is a feature available on all Cropster Cafe accounts.
If you would like to sign-up for Cropster Cafe, please contact your sales representative or simply email

Why use equipment?

Equipment allows you to have a great overview of your key brewing devices across your locations. You can connect recipes and brews to the specific pieces of equipment they were brewed on, so you can get greater insight as to how they reflect the quality. You can also link tasks to each piece of equipment, so you and your teams stay on top of all the important cleaning tasks, and you have an easy to access historical overview of what's been done.

Using Equipment is not mandatory for Recipes to work.

Setting up equipment

You need to have Cafe manager permissions to perform the following actions. 

  1. Log into the online platform C-sar.
  2. Set up at least one Cafe location, through More > Locations, if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Navigate to Cafe > Equipment and click + Add equipment.
    • Name: Give your equipment a name
    • Location: Choose in which location this equipment is located.
    • Type: Choose the equipment type.
    • Brand: Choose the equipment brand.
    • Model: Add the specific model.
    • Comment: for any additional information
  4. Click the Create equipment button to submit.

Linking brews to equipment

As soon as you have equipment set-up in a location, all the brews done in that location will be linked to all the equipment in the location. If you would like to use only a select group of equipment within a location, use Stations (see below.)

In the Brews table on the Recipe detail page, you can see the equipment in the Equipment column. Make sure to check the column in the Customize options.

Linking tasks to equipment

You need to have Cafe manager permissions to perform the following actions. 

Creating the task

  1. From the Cafe dashboard, or from the Tasks page, click + Add new task.
  2. Select the Location where your equipment is located.
  3. Select the piece of Equipment in the Link with Equipment dropdown.
  4. Select the desired Frequency and Starting date.
  5. Click Create task.

Historic overview of tasks

  1. Find the Equipment in the Equipment page
  2. You will see the Task overview, listing all tasks linked to the selected Equipment, reflecting their status Done, Not done, or To do.

Using Equipment Stations

Equipment Stations group multiple pieces of equipment often used together to brew (e.g. grinder, espresso machine, scale). They allow you to assign and update a reference per station, within the same recipe. They are mostly useful when you have espresso and filter brewing stations in one location. 

Using Stations is not mandatory for Recipes to work. That said, we use them to set a reference to a location, so we automatically create Default stations for each of the locations you use.

Setting up equipment stations

  1. Navigate to Cafe > Equipment > the Stations tab
  2. If you have never used stations before, you will see Default stations in the list, one per Location that you have a recipe for.
  3. Click Edit
    • Name: Here you can change the name of the Station, eg. to 'Espresso bar'
    • Equipment: Select the Equipments you want to group in this station. Only the Equipments in the Location of the selected Station will show up.
  4. Click Update station
  5. To create more stations, click Add station from Cafe > Equipment > the Stations tab
    • Name: Give your station a name
    • Location: Choose in which location this station is located.
    • Equipment: Select the Equipments you want to group in this station. Only the Equipments in the selected Location will show up.
  6. Click Create station.

Logging brews per station

As soon as you have more than 1 Station per location, you can select which Station you are using when logging your brews. As a result, the brews will be linked to only the Equipments in the selected Station.

Setting a reference per station

Using stations allows you to set a reference per station, all within the same recipe. For example, you are using the same coffee on two espresso stations in the same location, but the specific equipment and ambient circumstances require a slightly different set of parameters.  Both references will be on the recipe card on the dashboard, for an easy overview.

Learn more about updating the reference.

Congratulations! You are now ready to manage your Equipment

Thank you for being a Cropster customer! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from We design and make alterations to our software based on user feedback, so we look forward to seeing what you have to say!