Using the Production Report

With the help of the Production Report you can take a closer look to the past production and how production has changed over time. It includes a summary of your overall production, as well as production by machine and roast technician. This is a useful tool that can not only give you a snapshot of your earlier production, but also help plan for future production periods. 

The Production report

When logged in to C-sar, go to Reports > Production report.

  1. Enter the date range you'd like to take a look at.
    Note: Click on the start date or end date fields to prompt a calendar to choose amongst pre-defined date ranges or enter a custom date.
  2. Enter the unit of time you would like to see the average for (per week, etc.).

  3. Click Apply filters to generate the report.

Note: All roasts between 00:00 AM (start date) and 23:59PM (end date) are taken into account. 

The report summary

At the top of the report you will find the report summary for the selected date range. 

Production summary (1)

The Production summary shows you the key figures for the selected date range. 

  • The total weight of your roasted coffee
  • The total number of batches that have been roasted
  • The average weight of your roasted coffee per month/week/day (depending on the average selected)
  • A comparison of the output to the previous period
  • The green inventory used

Summary machines (2)

The machine summary shows you the output per roast machine in percent, kg or lbs and number of batches.

Summary of roast technicians (3)

Here you find information on the output per roast technician in percent, kg or lbs and number of batches.

The detailed report

When scrolling down you can take a closer look at the detailed numbers. Choose between four different views: 
  • Output by profile
  • Output by green inventory
  • Output by roast machine/roast technician
  • By Profile groups (available on Professional and higher tiers)

    The Output by... profile, green inventory, and profile groups tabs will display a table view.

    Use the Customize button to optimize the columns and to only display information that is of great value for you. The customized view will be saved for your user. 

    The Output by roast machine/roast technician will pull up a more detailed production summary per machine and roast technician. 

    Deleting roasts: deleting a roast can cause discrepancies between the Output by profile and Output by green inventory view. If you intend to undo a roast and roll back the green inventory accordingly, you need to set the start and end weights of a roast to 0. Learn how to undo a roast.

    Production over time

    From the Output by... profile, and green inventory tabs, scroll down to the bottom of the table to get an overview of your production over time when clicking Generate graph.

    A graph will appear - The x-axis shows the time period and the y-axis the output volume. 

    To check how your production has developed over time, check the box next to Compare to previous time period/year. A faded out graph appears next to the current one, showing you how the output has changed over time. 

    Exporting the report

    Use the Export button in the top right corner of the window to print your report or export your data into an Excel or PDF-file. 

    Congratulations! You are ready to use the production report! 

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