How to edit a completed roast

In this article you will learn how to edit a completed roast.

Editing a completed roast from within Roasting Intelligence (RI)

After you have conducted a roast, you can update the End weight, add Roast value 1 and 2 or add Notes from within Roasting Intelligence directly. 

There are two ways on how to edit a roast: 

From the post-roast screen

After you have stopped a roast, you will be led to the post roast screen. 

Here you have the ability to change the duration and to revise the start weight or you can add end weight, roast values and roast notes

Once you click Save, the roast will be uploaded to the online platform reflecting all the changes that have been made. 

End weight, Roast value 1, Roast value 2 and Notes can be added from the production overview in RI after you have saved a roast. 

From the Production overview

You can edit your batches later on from the production overview directly. 

  1. Open the Production overview by clicking at the Production icon bottom left. 
  2. Select the batch you would like to edit, click the dots (...) and Edit batch
    Note: When double-clicking the batch you will enter the edit mode immediately. 
  3. Add End weight, Roast value(s) or Notes and click Save in order to sync your changes with the online platform

Editing a completed roast online 

You need to have roast editing privileges to perform the following actions.

After your roasts have been synced from Roasting Intelligence (RI) to the online platform C-sar, you can edit your roasts retroactively. 

  1. Log in to the online platform C-sar.
  2. Go to the Roasts overview page. 
  3. Go to the details page of the roast you would like to revise and click the Edit () button in the upper-right corner or click the Edit () button next to the roast directly from the overview page. 
  4. The roast edit screen opens and allows you to update or revise roast information

Revising the roast information

For roasts linked to a Post-roast blend (e.g. PB-0001), the roasts' date/time, nor the green lot(s) used can be adjusted.

The following information can be revised:

  • Change the Roast name (1)
  • Change the Date and time of your roast (2)
  • Assign a different Profile (3)
  • Revise the Machine (4)
  • Change the Roast technician (5)
  • Add Roast value(s) or change the method (6)
  • Assign a Project (7)
  • Add Notes (8)
  • Change the Green lot or Add blend components (9)
  • Change the Start weight (green) and End weight (roasted) of your roast (10)

About changing green lots and roast weights

When adjusting the Start weights or replacing green lots, your green inventory weight will be recalculated accordingly.

If the inventory weight for the green lot in question has been adjusted manually after the roast has been conducted, the inventory weight won't be calculated back into the lot upon replacing it by another. 

To quickly revise roast components or start and end weights, you can do so directly from the Roasts overview page. Open the Adjust lot pop-up window by clicking on the two arrows () next to the roast in question. 

You can only select green lots that are assigned to the same location as the roast and that have been registered before the roast has been conducted.  

To learn why the green lot is unavailable when editing the lot used on a completed roast, and how you can troubleshoot the issue, visit the following manual: Green lot is unavailable when editing the lot used on a completed roast

Rolling back (undoing) a roast 

If you want to undo a roast and roll back the green inventory used, you can do so via the Edit screen.
  1. From the Green section, set the Start weight (green) and End weight (roasted) fields to "0"
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and click Update roast. A warning message will appear:
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

Updating the roast curve

The roast curve itself can not be altered. If you need to alter the roast curve, add a new roast manually and copy the roast curve by clicking the Copy button under the Roasting curve section. You may then select an existing roast curve to copy. 

Adding or revising comments

  • Double click at the graph to add a new comment.
  • Click on a comment to revise or delete it.

Editing the duration

  • When moving to the Duration tab, a timeline below the graph appears. To change the duration of your roast, move the start or end point to the desired point in time or enter the start and end time in the fields below.

This action can not be undone. You will not be able to recover the roast period you have removed after you save the roast.

Congratulations! You are now able to edit a completed roast!

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