Using the Focus View

This article will introduce the Focus View and explain what you can do with it.

The Focus View is available for the following products:
  • Cafe Foundation

What is Focus View?

Focus View is a details page showing insights per connected espresso machine. It combines a granular view of production, brew success, and grouphead usage (and also flushes) on one machine. Combined with Cafe Radar, using the Focus View allows for a complete understanding of where and when issues arise. 

📚 Learn more about how to use Cafe Radar in Cropster Cafe. 

Connected Espresso Machine Details

Focus View shows an overview of all connected espresso machines and the following information about them: 

  • Current connection status: (online/offline)
  • General details 
    • Location
    • Type 
    • Brand 
    • Model 
    • Groupheads 
    • Serial number
    • Connected via (BrewBeacon connected/ La Marzocco connected)
    • Station
  • Currently linked recipes per grouphead, including a Go to dial-in link allowing further dialing in.
  • Go to Task Report: takes the user to the Task Report, filtered for this equipment.
  • Manage connection: takes the user to the Equipment details page where all you can dis- and reconnect the machine if needed, and further recipes can be (re)linked. 

📚 Learn how to dial in and also how to use the Task Report

Date Range Selection

The date range filters the results for the rest of the page based on individual date range preferences.Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11.41.45

Please note that a larger time frame selected can lead to increased loading times.

Time aggregates 

The selected timeframe governs the time aggregates used for the graphs over time:

  • Up to a day: aggregate by hour
  • Up to a month: aggregate by days
  • Up to 2 months: aggregate by weeks
  • Up to a year: aggregate by months
  • More than a year: aggregate by years

KPI cards

Focus View includes the following KPI cards, for your selected time frame:

  • Brews in/out of range (%)
  • Total brew distribution across groupheads (%)
  • Total brews (and soon also total flushes)

Daily Brew Times scatter plot

The Daily Brew Times scatter plot helps to show that brews are brought back in range whenever they trend out of range by showing the brew duration throughout the day –either across all recipes or per linked recipe, the recipe can be selected from the dropdown menu.

The time of the brews as shown on the scatter plot is adjusted to the user's profile timezone.

The x-axis of the scatter plot shows the hours of the day, and the y-axis shows the brew duration. The data includes starts on the last day of the selected timeframe and the user can scroll through each day by using the arrows ()at the bottom of the scatter plot.

  • Any brews marked green () are in range for brew time.
  • Any brews marked in red () are out of range for brew time. 

The range is calculated and shown if 1 recipe is selected and is marked as a grey band. The evaluation of brews in/out of range on the scatterplot is based on the time parameter only.


Brew quality and production over time

The Brew quality and production over time graph shows the number of brews in and out of range per total production over time, giving users an insight into which time aggregates (eg. days, weeks, etc.) are performing better/worse than others, in terms of production and brew success.

The x-axis on the graph indicates the time aggregate, and the y-axis indicates the number of brews.

Grouphead usage over time

This graph indicates the distribution of grouphead usage per time aggregate. Every grouphead is marked with a different color, and production per grouphead is indicated in percentages.

The x-axis indicates the time aggregate, and the y-axis indicates the percentages of grouphead usage. 

Brews and flushes over time 

This bar chart shows the user the number of brews and flushes performed on all groupheads over time.

The green bar indicates a brew, and the blue bar indicates a flush. This way users can gain an insight into whether flushes are being performed relative to brews and whether there is excessive or too little flushing.

Grouphead table

The grouphead table summarises, the selected timeframe:

  • Average brew pulses
  • Average brew time

  • Total brews and the percentage of brews on this grouphead to the total on the machine

  • Brews in range, in absolute number and percentage of in range to total (per grouphead)

It provides the numerical value as well as the percentage value. 

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