Using Smart predictions

In this article you will learn how to use Cropster's Smart prediction features while you roast.

Smart predictions

Cropster's Smart predictions refer to our AI-powered prediction features. At the moment, our Smart predictions are:

Hint: To learn more about each of our AI-powered prediction features, click the links available above.

Turning on/off Smart predictions

Via RI preferences

  1. From Roasting Intelligence (RI), go to Account > Preferences > General tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Smart predictions section

  3. Find the Smart prediction feature you want to activate:

    1. Bean curve prediction:  Enable/disable the checkbox next to Show bean temperature and RoR prediction... 

    2. First crack prediction: Enable/disable the checkbox next to Show the first crack prediction...
    3. Flick prediction: Enable/disable the checkbox next to Show the flick prediction...
      Note: The Flick prediction is only available for roast machines able to track Gas automatically via the RI.
      A flick can be influenced by gas management around the first crack. For this reason, the First crack prediction must be activated before you can enable the Flick prediction.
  4. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.

      During a roast

      Note: Toggling the Smart predictions button will turn on/off ALL Smart prediction features that have been activated from the "Smart predictions" section from the RI preferences. 

      The Smart predictions button will only be displayed during a roast once (at least) one of our Smart prediction features is enabled from the RI preferences. 

      You can enable/disable Smart predictions easily during a roast, by toggling on/off the Smart predictions button from the RI's top-right corner.

      You are now ready to roast using our Smart predictions!

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