What is an ID-tag

This article will provide you with information about Cropster ID-tags.

ID-tags consist of a two letter-code and a sequential number, e.g. PG-0001.

What do the letters stand for?

  • SG... Sample Green
  • PG... Production Green
  • SR... Sample Roast
  • PR... Production Roast
  • PB... Post Blend
  • QC... Quality Control 
  • QS... Quality Session

If you are using other ID-numbers for green coffee tracking you can use the Reference ID (ERP)- or Tracking number-field when creating a green lot. 

Hint: The Reference ID can be used to connect information across multiple systems. For example if you have an in-house ERP system (SAP, Netsuite, etc.) then these will identify each coffee sample/lot with a unique code. You can use this code as the Reference ID as a way to refer to the same coffees across this systems.