How to create a post-roast blend

This manual will walk you through:

Creating a post-roast blend

There are two ways to create a post-roast blend. Either by creating a post-roast blend recipe via the Profiles Page or, on the fly within the Roast's Overview page

Via Profiles

  1. Go to the profiles overview page by clicking on Roasts > Profiles
  2. The profiles overview section is divided into two sections
    • Single Origin / Pre-Roast Blend
    • Post-Roast Blend
  3. Click on the Post-Roast Blend tab, to get to the post-roast profiles overview.
  4. Click on + Create Profile in the upper right corner to create a new post-roast blend recipe.
  5. Name your blend
  6. Add your components and enter their amount in the percent field (%). Please notice that the sum of the percentages must total 100%.
    • A post-roast blend profile consists of different profiles, that were previously created.
      Note: Please review the manual on how to create a roast profile here.
  7. Add as many components as you want by clicking on + Add Component
  8. Once you are done, click Create Blend Profile.
  9. You can now choose the newly created post-roast profile within Roasting Intelligence.
  10. Once your roast is submitted, you will find your newly created blend in the Post-Roast Blends tab within the Roasts overview page. 

Via the Roasts Overview Page

  1. Go to the Roasts overview page by clicking on Roasts in the main menu bar. 
  2. Choose the roasts you want to merge to a post-roast blend by checking the box next to them. 
  3. A menu bar appears on top of the list. Click on the Blend-button to create your post-roast blend.
  4. Choose whether you want to create a manual blend or if you want to list your blend under an existing post-roast profile.
    Hint: Cropster recommends creating a blend profile for your coffees. This will allow you to repeat common blends more efficiently.
  5. Name your blend
  6. Add the weights, either by entering the weight or by clicking on the grey arrows to add the remaining coffee in stock to your blend.
  7. If you want to add more components in hindsight, click on + Add Roast.  
  8. Once you are finished, click on Blend Roasts.
  9. You will find your newly created blend in the Post-Roast Blends tab within the Roasts overview page. 

Note: Post-roast blends will be saved under their own PB-Numbers (Production Blend) to make searching/sorting simpler and easier to integrate across roastery processes.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create post-roasts blends! 

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