How to create a post-roast blend

This manual will walk you through:

Creating a post-roast blend recipe

When producing Post-roast blends, we recommend you to create Post-roast blend recipes, so you can easily plan your need and blend your batches. 

  1. Go to the profiles overview page by clicking on Roasts > Post-roasts blend profiles
  2. Click on the Post-Roast Blend tab, to get to the post-roast profiles overview.
  3. Click on + Add blend profile in the upper right corner to create a new post-roast blend recipe.
  4. Give your blend a name. 
  5. Select how you would like to express the blend ratio
    • Percentage (%).
      Note: The sum of the percentages must total 100%.
    • Weight (kg/lbs)
  6. Add your components (at least two) and enter their weight/ratio share.
    Note: Post-roast blend profiles require Profile groups. Learn how to add Profile groups
  7. Add as many components as you want by clicking on + Add component
  8. Once you are done, click Create blend profile.
  9. Your Post-roast blend recipe is now ready to be used. 

Creating a Post-roast blend

To optimally track your production,  you can manage your Post-roast blends online within

For Professional and higher tiers: If you use the roast scheduler to plan ahead your production, your individual roasts will be automatically combined into a Post-roast blend. Learn how to schedule your Post-roast blend recipes.

To manually create a Post-roast blend:

  1. Go to the Roasts overview page by clicking on Roasts in the main menu bar. 
  2. Choose the roasts you want to blend by checking the box next to them. 
  3. A menu bar appears at the top. Click on the Blend-button to create a post-roast blend.
  4. Create a manual blend or use a Post-roast blend profile to blend your roasts.
    You can blend the roasts by the help of a Post-roast blend profile or simply blend them on the fly. 
    Hint: We recommend creating a Post-roast blend profile for your coffees. This will allow you to repeat common blends more efficiently.
  5. When using a Post-roast blend profile, all fields will be prefilled according to the profile selected. If you blend manually, fill in all required fields like Blend name and weights. 
  6. If you want to add more or switch components, click on + Add roast.  
  7. Once you are finished, click on Blend roasts.
  8. You will find your newly created blend in the Post-Roast Blends tab within the Roasts overview page. 

Note: Post-roast blends will be saved under their own PB-Numbers (Production Blend) to make searching/sorting simpler and easier to integrate across roastery processes.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create post-roasts blends! 

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