How to schedule a post-roast blend

This article shows you how to schedule a post-roast blend.

  1. Log in to the Cropster online platform C-sar
  2. Go to Roasts > Schedules.
  3. Choose the date and location at the top of the page you want to set up a roasting schedule for. 
  4. Choose the roast machine and click on the + symbol to schedule your batches.
  5. Select Post-roast blend.
  6. Select a blend recipe, if you already have created a post-roast blend profile. 
  7. If you haven't created a post-roast blend profile, you can still schedule your post-roast blends.

    Note: Use the Post-roast Blend button and create your blend from scratch. 

  8. Select a profile for Component 1.
  9. All the information according to the profile gets pre-filled. When needed, change the green lot by clicking the pen-symbol.
  10. Click + Add component to add more components to your blend. 
  11. Add the mixing ration in %. Please mind that the sum of % must be 100%. 
  12. Click the Calculate batches button to calculate the amount needed.
  13. Enter the amount of the finished product needed and Cropster calculates, according to the mixing ratio, the amount of roast batches.
  14. Click Add batches to create the roast schedule.
  15. Publish your schedule to make it visible in the Roasting Intelligence (RI). 

Note: Click here for more information on Roast schedules. 

You are now ready to schedule post roast blends!

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