How to adjust the roast weights

There are several ways to adjust your roast's start and end weight within the RI. 

Adjusting the start weight (pre-roast)

Depending on the profile you use, your start weight may already be pre-filled in the RI. You can also change the start weight ad-hoc. 

Simply enter the actual start weight and press enter to confirm. 

The start weight must not exceed the maximum capacity of the roast machine. If it does, the start button will stay grey.

Adjusting the end weight

Based on the expected weight loss, the field to enter the end weight might already be pre-filled. 

Post-roast screen

After your roast has been stopped, the end weight can be adjusted before saving the roast. 

Note: In case you missed revising the start weight at the beginning of your roast, this can also be done now. 

Via the Production overview

When running a long production day, you may not have the time to wait for the roast weight before starting your next batch. Fortunately, you can access each of your batches to enter your end weight while roasting

  1. Click the Production button in the lower left corner to open the Today's production overview or go to Roasts > Completed Roasts in the menu.
  2. Click on the roast you'd like to enter the end weight.
  3. Enter the end weight and confirm. 

The start and end weight can also be revised within the online platform C-sar after the roast has been synced. 

Note: Click here to learn more about how to edit a completed roast through our online platform C-sar.

Congratulations! You are now ready to adjust your roast weights!

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