Setting up the WooCommerce integration

This manual describes how to connect your WooCommerce account to your Cropster account. 

You can now integrate your WooCommerce account with Cropster to organize and run your production more easily. Once you’ve connected the two systems, Cropster automatically calculates how much you need to roast to fulfill all your orders and creates the most effective roast schedule for you. 

We require a WordPress version of 4.4 or higher and WooCommerce 3.5 or higher.

Creating the API credentials (within WooCommerce)

First, you will have to create your API credentials within WooCommerce.

  1. Log in to you WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to Settings > Permalinks
  3. Under Common Settings select any option other thanPlain and scroll down and click the Save Changes button.
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API, click the Add key button. (If the workflow differs from the previous instructions, go to WooCommerce > Settings > API > Keys/Apps.)
  5. In the key details section, enter a description for the private app.
  6. Choose the user that Cropster should use to access the API.
  7. In the permissions list, keep the default setting to READ.
  8. When you're done, click Generate API Key. The Consumer key and Consumer secret for your app are now displayed on the screen.

Connecting WooCommerce with Cropster (within Cropster)

Now it is time to switch to Cropster and connect your accounts. 

  1. Log in to the Cropster online platform
  2. Go to Orders in the menu. If you are using the Orders module for the first time, you will be asked if you want to connect your WooCommerce account. 
  3. Click Connect account under the WooCommerce logo. 

  4. If you are setting up the WooCommerce integration retroactively, go to Orders > Settings > Connect with WooCommerce tab.
  5. Enter the following credentials: 
    • Account name (this will be the name of your shop)
    • Shop URL as marked below (without https:// and without /wp-login)
      If your shop URL includes the www.-prefix, copy the URL including www. (e.g. for use in Cropster)
    • WooCommerce API credentials.
  6. Select the date from which to synchronize open orders from, this date cannot go beyond 30 days.
  7. (optional) Check the box next to Activate auto-archive to enable our system to auto-archive orders from the external system (WooCommerce / Shopify) with a Cancelled or Closed status.
  8. Click on Done, next.

Mapping the products

After you have successfully connected your WooCommerce account with Cropster, all your WooCommerce products will be synced with Cropster. 

  1. Select all products you would like to import to Cropster. If you are offering products other than roasted coffee, uncheck the box next to the products you don't want to import. 
  2. (Optional) Select if any of the products are to be a Product bundle. You can select the components of the product bundle in a later step (a).
  3. Link your products to a specific Profile group / Blend profile and click Done, next.

    Note: If you want to set up a product bundle at a later time, please skip the following step (a) to continue with the setup process.
    To learn more about setting up Product Bundles after the initial setup, visit the following article: How to use product bundles
  4. From this page, you can select the components of the product bundle(s). When finished, click on Done, next.
  5. Now your product variants will be imported from Woocommerce (i.e. packaging size and grind style). Please map them again with the options available in Cropster.
  6. Enter your default package unit and grind style. The default will apply when there is a product without variants. 
  7. Click Finish & Sync
  8. Your products will now be added to Cropster and open WooCommerce orders will be synced with Cropster.
  9. Click the Take me to the Orders button to get to the Orders overview page.

    Note: For more information on how to convert your orders into a roasting schedule, visit the following article: Setting up the Orders module

    Congratulations! You have successfully connected your WooCommerce account with Cropster!

    Thanks for being a Cropster customer! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please feel free to send it to your representative or directly to

    We design and make alterations to our software based on user feedback, so we look forward to seeing what you have to say!