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Mapping Products from Shopify and WooCommerce/Beans

This article explains the process of mapping Products in Cropster to correspond with those in your online stores, as well as receiving orders from your stores in Cropster.

Mapping Products from Shopify and WooCommerce/Beans is available for the following products:
  • Commerce and higher tiers

This article is only relevant for users who already have a shop integration.

If you are currently in the process of setting up your online shop integration with Cropster, please refer to the appropriate manual for instructions on how to connect your Shopify, WooCommerce/Beans  before proceeding with Product mapping. 

Requirements for successful product mapping

Prior to synchronizing your orders from Shopify or Woocommerce/Beans, it is essential to map them in Cropster.

  1. Each product variant needs a unique SKU
  2. The external shop must be connected to your Cropster account


The connection between the products in your online shop and your Cropster account is established through unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers.

Before you proceed with mapping the products, it will be necessary to assign a unique SKU to each of your product variants in Shopify or Woocommerce.

You can use the Cropster SKU Generator to generate unique SKU numbers for your product variants.

If you connect multiple shops selling the same products to your Cropster account, make sure to use the same SKU number for the product variants.

Woocommerce only: all Woocommerce products must be variable products.

Shopify/Woocommerce/Beans integration

If you have not yet connected your external Shopify or Woocommerce/Beans shop to Cropster, follow the appropriate manual to do so before proceeding:

Setting up new products and variants

An SKU is required for all your product variants in the external shop. If you haven't set up SKUs for your product variants in Shopify or WooCommerce yet, please do so before proceeding with mapping the products. 

The first time that you connect to an online store, and every time a new product is detected in that store during the synchronization process, you will be asked to map it to a product and variant within Cropster.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Select products
  2. Map options
  3. Define variants
  4. Define bundles

If you are interrupted while mapping the new products, you can resume by navigating the product list and pressing the Map new products and variants button in the top right corner.

Selecting products

In this step, all newly detected products will be displayed for each store that you are synchronizing. All new products are checked by default. 

  1. Go through the products one by one. 
  2. Uncheck all non-coffee products like merchandise, coffee equipment, or coffee that you no longer offer for sale. 
    • If you have already set up the products (manually or synced from other shops), select one from the list.
    • Or create a product on the fly by entering a Product name in Cropster and click + Create [product name].

      This new product will be set as Unreviewed. You will have to map the product to a Profile group or Blend profile to activate it.
  3. If the product is a bundled product, check the box under Bundle.
  4. Once you are satisfied, click Next to go to the mapping options.

Mapping units and grind styles

Next, you will be asked to map all the different options contained within the products you have chosen to sync. Cropster supports two different types of options: Package units and Grind styles.

  1. By default, all options will be checked and already mapped if the option is recognized. 
  2. Uncheck options that refer to non-coffee products. 
  3. Map the Units:  
    • Select the respective Option name in Cropster from the list for all weight unit options. 
    • If the weight unit is not available, please create a support ticket to request the unit to be added.
  4. Map all Grind styles:
    • Check the box under Grind style for all options that refer to grind styles and select the respective Grind style from the list for each grind style option. 
    • If the grind style does not exist yet, type in the name and click + Create [grind style] to add that Grind style on the fly.
  5. Once you are satisfied, click Next to define variants.

    You can manage all of the Mapping options from within the Order settings page.
    This will allow you to correct any errors.

    Defining variants

    Next, you will be asked to match the individual product variants with the correct Unit and Grind style based on the options you defined in the previous step. 

    1. All products and their variants will show up in this step with their individual SKU.
      • By default, all units and grind styles should already be prefilled, according to how you have mapped the options in the previous step. 
      • If a product has no SKU defined, an error message appears. Go back to your external shop and define an SKU for all products missing an SKU, then click Sync again
    2. Double-check the variants to make sure there are no mapping errors. 
    3. Once you are satisfied, click Next to define Product bundles.

    The SKU is required to be unique for every product variant. Do NOT change the SKU in your online store, or you will encounter sync errors.

    If you make a mistake mapping, you will be required to delete the product variant from within the product details page and then sync again.

    Defining bundles

    If you checked the Bundle checkbox next to any of the products in the first step, you will be asked to define your bundle components on this step.

    1. All Product bundles and their variants will show up in this step with their individual SKU. 
    2. Select the product variants included in the bundle per variant. 
      📝 In this example we offer a bundle consisting of two products. The bundle is available in filter grind style and as whole beans. 
    3. Click Save and finish once you are happy with the result. 

    After the initial mapping process you will be forwarded to the Products overview page where all products you have created, will show up as Unreviewed.  

    Mapping products to Profiles

    In this step, you need to link your individual products to Profile groups or Blend profiles.

    1. Click Edit next to the product you would like to map. 
    2. Scroll down to Type and select the type of profile you would like to map the product.
    3. Select the Profile group for Single origin/ Pre-Roast blend or select the Blend profile for Post-roast blends.
    4. (Optional) Edit the Product name, add a Cropster Product ID or Notes to your product.
    5. Click Save updates to confirm your changes. 

    The status of the product changes now to Reviewed  , which indicates the product is ready. Proceed with the steps above for all products. 

    Mapping new products after the initial setup

    To initiate the mapping process for newly added products after the initial mapping process you have two options:

    Via the Orders overview page

    1. Navigate to the Orders page.
    2. Click the Synchronize button top right.
    3. If there are new products or mapping options available from the online store, you'll be forwarded to the Map new products and variants page.
    4. To review previously ignored or unlinked products, you can check the Include previously ignored or unlinked products checkbox.
    5. Follow the above steps to map the new products and options. 

    Via the Products overview page

    1. Navigate to the Products page.
    2. Click the Synchronize button top right.
    3. If there are new products or mapping options available from the online store, a warning pops up at the top:
    4. Click the Map new products and variants button to get to the Map new products and variants page.
    5. Follow the above steps to map the new products and options. 


    What if I mapped the wrong product?

    Navigate to Orders > Products and look for the product you have mapped incorrectly. Access the product detail page and click Edit. Click Unlink to unmap the product. Now you can initiate the product mapping in when syncing the shop. 

    What if I mapped the wrong unit or grind style?

    You can always review your options in the order settings. Navigate to Orders > Order settings and click on Mapped options to review and revise mapping. 

    What if I associated the wrong products with my bundle? 

    You can fix any mistakes made mapping the product bundles by navigating to Orders > Products and then switch to the Product bundles tab and access the Product bundle in question.

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    Congratulations! You have learned how to map your products.  

    Your opinion matters. If you have further questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from support.cropster.com.