How to export Cropster data to share lot/roast data with others

In this article you will learn how to export lot/roast data from Cropster overview pages and detail pages.

Exporting data from Cropster

Everything you put into Cropster is exportable, and most pages have been optimized for printing out images.

On the details page of any SG-, PG-, PB-, PR, QS- and QC-lot, you will find the Export button. The Export button can also be found from Cropster's overview pages, such as the Roasts, and Green Inventory overview pages among others. 

Via the Export drop-down menu you can export content from our online platform C-sar allowing you to share it freely with others. When clicking Export, you can choose the option you'd like to export your data through.

Note: Learn about Cropster's export options from the following manual: What are Cropster's options to export data

Learn about exporting QS/QC data from the following manual: How do I export sensorial/cupping session data?

Exporting in bulk

From our overview pages, such as the Roasts, Green Inventory or Samples overview pages, all data can be exported in bulk. 

  1. From C-sar, go to the respective overview page via the navigation menu. 
  2. Select one or more lots you would like to export by checking the corresponding checkboxes. A menu bar will appear at the top of the table.
    Hint: Filter for the lots you would like to download (e.g. all roasts done with a specific roast machine).
  3.  Click the Export button and choose from one of the export options.

Exporting data from a detail page

If you would rather export or print a specific roast or lot individually, this can be done via a lot's or roast's detail page.

  1. Go to the overview page you want to go to via the navigation menu. 
  2. Click on the respective ID-tag to get to the detail page. 
  3. Click the Export button from the top-right corner of the page and choose from the export options.

Note: The export options differ depending on which page you are on. 

Using the "Print full details" export

Note: The steps outlined below are based on the Google Chrome browser.

If you want to print a more detailed view of your lot(s) or roast(s), use the Print full details export option. A window will appear where you can customize the information you want to print/export to allow you to focus on the data important to your coffee business.

To learn how to use the export option, and be able to save the Print full details export as a PDF file, please see the steps outlined below:

Hint: The steps below also apply to the Print ( ) function available from any Cropster detail page, which can be accessed by clicking the ID-tag in question.

  1. Go to the overview page you want to go to via the navigation menu. 
    1. Click on an entry's ID-tag to get to its detail page.
    2. Mark one or more entries you wish you export directly from the table on the overview page.
  2. Click on the Export button, then choose the Print full details (.pdf) option.
  3. Mark the checkboxes corresponding to the information you wish to export.
  4. Click the Export to PDF button which will prompt the browser's Print interface.
  5. From the Destination drop-down menu, choose the Save as PDF option, and select the Layout and Pages you wish to save.
  6. Click the Save button, and choose a destination folder (e.g. Desktop).

Note: The Print full details option is only available for green lots (e.g. SG-, PG-tags) and roasted lots (e.g. PR-, PB-tags).

Congratulations! You are now able to export and share Cropster data!

Thanks for being a Cropster customer! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from

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