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Connecting Your BrewBeacon to your Cropster Cafe account (beta)

This manual outlines how to connect your BrewBeacon to your Cropster Cafe account.

Beta means that the features are being tested with a select group of users to help us identify minor flaws under everyday conditions that we cannot reproduce internally. Therefore, it will be necessary that you share feedback with us and let us know whenever you come across some unexpected behavior.

Before you can connect your espresso machine, the BrewBeacon must be installed on your machine and you must be within its close proximity.

Add your espresso machine to your Cropster Account

If you haven't already, add your espresso machine to your Cropster Account by following the steps outlined in Creating new equipment

Ensure you add the correct Number of groupheads and Serial number.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 16.46.49 copy

Connecting your BrewBeacon to Cropster Cafe

Ensure you have the WiFi credentials of the network you will be connecting BrewBeacon to at hand before continuing.

  1. On the Equipment overview page, select the espresso machine you are connecting, and click Connect.
    Fig 3.18
  2. Please ensure that the number of groupheads registered for your espresso machine in your Cropster Cafe account reflects the actual number of groupheads, and click Continue.
  3. Copy the pairing code you are given.
  4. Turn on the espresso machine. For most espresso machine models, Cropster BrewBeacon will turn on together with the machine. If using an external USB power supply, turn on the external power as well.
  5. Upon boot, Cropster BrewBeacon brings up an open WiFi network like ”BrewBeacon XXXXXX” (with the last 6 characters being BrewBeacon's ID). Via the WiFi settings of your device, find and join the BrewBeacon's network.
  6. A browser window will open up, directing you to the BrewBeacon settings. 
    If your device doesn’t automatically bring up the Cropster BrewBeacon settings
    page after connecting to the Cropster BrewBeacon WiFi network, open a web browser and enter address
  7. Upon first set-up, you will be asked to Set a password for the BrewBeacon network. From now on, the "BrewBeacon XXXXXX" network will be protected with this password so you will need it to access this settings page in the future.
  8. Set the Wi-Fi connection.
    Note: We advise connecting BrewBeacon to your business' private or hidden network.

  9. Set the pairing code: Paste the pairing code you copied before and click Connect machine.
    Screenshot_2022-10-07-10-20-15-100_com.google.android.captiveportallogin   IMG_2956
  10. Leave this page and connect to your regular WiFi or mobile network again. On iOS, click Cancel in the top right corner, and then chose Use Other Network
  11. When you navigate back into your Cropster Cafe account and refresh the page, your machine will now show as Online, and is ready to collect brew data.

Future access to the BrewBeacon settings page

You can access the BrewBeacon settings page at any time, e.g. if you've made a change to your Cafe WiFi network, or in case you need to troubleshoot.

  1. Reboot your BrewBeacon, by turning the machine or external power off and back on.
  2. Join the BrewBeacon XXXXXX network with your set password.
  3. Browse to in case you are not automatically directed to the settings page.

For further details on the installation of the BrewBeacon, please find the official Product Manual here

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Espresso Machine to Cropster Cafe!

You're ready to learn how to link groupheads to brew recipes! Check out this webinar to find out from our Cafe team about how Cropster Cafe can help you and your business.

More manuals can be found on help.cropster.com