Dividing Batches

During processing you may choose to split a batch into multiple parts

This optional feature gives you the ability to divide the coffee being delivered into separate batches. Use this if you are sorting a single delivery of coffee into different parts depending on quality.

Example: If your wet mill uses a mechanical separator, then the floaters and underripe cherry will be divided from ripe cherry; and each part can be tracked individually using batch division.

To add a batch division during coffee registration:

  1. Click on Customize.
  2. Check the box next to Batch division.
  3. Choose the number of batches the coffee should be divided (2 or 3).
  4. Click on Confirm to return to the coffee registration.
  5. Go to Processing information, the divided batches are labelled A, B, (C).

  6. Enter a number into each percentage field next to the batch labels.
    The sum of all the numbers must equal 100%
  7. Select the Processes that describe how each of the divided batches will be handled by the mill.
  8. You may also assign each divided batch to different Projects (optional).