Creating Processes

This article shows you how to set up processes using Cropster Origin.

Note: You need to create at least one process before you can begin Adding Batches.



A Process describes the states that coffee will pass through on the way to becoming a final product.

Creating a process contains of two steps:

Defining the process method

You may enter any name for a Process, but you must choose from a limited selection of Processing methods, such as Natural, Washed, Semi-washed and Honey.

  1. Go to Origin > Processes.
  2. Click on Add process.
  3. Give the process a Name.
  4. Choose a Processing method.

Configuring the yield factor based on the states of coffee

There are several coffee States of coffee to choose from, such as Cherry, Parchment and Green clean.

Finally, you must define Yield factors, which are used to estimate the amount of coffee that is expected for each coffee state.

  1. Choose the number of times the amount of coffee will be recorded for each batch (2 or 3).
  2. Select the coffee State for each time the amount is recorded. There are three possible times for recording the amount:
    • Received coffee when it arrives at the mill.
    • Intermediate coffee that has been partially processed (optional).
    • Final coffee that is ready for sale.
  3. Determine the Yield factor between states.
    • If there are two states, then there will be one Yield factor: Received-Final
    • If there are three states, then there will be two Yield factors: Received-Intermediate and Intermediate-Final.
    • Yield factors must be expressed as a relationship between an Input amount to an Output amount. The output must be less than the input.
    • You may choose different Units to measure the amounts.
    • Yield factors may be edited after submitting.
  4. Click on + Add notes to reveal text space to further describe the process (optional).
  5. Click on Create process to submit.

Please double check the information before submitting as the following fields cannot be edited after process creation.

  • Processing method
  • Number of times the amount of coffee is recorded
  • Coffee state for each time the amount is recorded

Yield factors can be edited after Process has been created.