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Adding Batches

Batches are amounts of raw coffee received from your suppliers that will be processed

Tip: You can also add batches offline using the Origin Mobile App.


Adding batches

Before adding batches, make sure you have created processes. 

Learn how to create processes

Adding batches requires 2 steps: Reception and Processing.

  1. Go to Origin > Batches.
  2. Click on + Add > Batch.


Enter this following information about the unprocessed coffee you are receiving.

  1. If you manage more than one mill, select the Mill at which the coffee will be processed.
  2. Select the Reception date when the coffee arrived at the mill.
  3. Select the Varieties of coffee being delivered. (Optional).
  4. Select the Supplier type who is delivering coffee (Community, Farm, Field or Picker)
  5. Click on + Add supplier
  6. Type to search for the Supplier name, and select one from the list.
  7. Type the Weight of coffee the supplier is delivering.
  8. Choose the Unit the amount of coffee is measured with.
  9. Click on + Add supplier again as many times as necessary (Optional).

If you wish to include further specify where the coffee comes from, use the Additional traceability section.


  1. Choose a Received state (Cherry, Dry cherry, Parchment, Wet parchment or Wet green).
  2. Select the Process that describes how the coffee will be processed.
  3. Indicate other details about the batch using the Customize menu, such as Pile or Project (Optional).
  4. Add any additional Parts if you wish to use a different process for some of the coffee (Optional).
  5. Click on Create batch to submit.

Learn more about the different coffee separation modes (ie. how to divide the weight between the parts).