Bulk-archiving unused profiles

This article shows you how to bulk archive unused profiles and how to unarchive them again.

To improve loading times in Cropster and syncing with the Roasting Intelligence (RI), we recommend archiving unused profiles. To help you keeping your account clean, we introduced the bulk-archiving feature for unused profiles. 

Once a profile has not been used in the preceding 90 days, the following message will appear on your Dashboard after logging in to the online platform C-sar

  1. Click the Profile clean-up button to go to an overview of your unused profiles (not used in the last 90 days). 
  2. Use the filter button to the top right to filter´ for specific profiles by name, roast machine or location.
  3. Select the profiles you would like to archive or use the select all check box in the top line to select all profiles. 
  4. The Archive selected button appears top right. Click it to archive selected profiles.  
  5. Once all unused profiles have been archived, you will see the following message.

Note: You cannot select an archived profile in the Roasting Intelligence (RI) or use it to filter on the roast overview page.

Unarchiving profiles

No worries, if you want to use an archived profile again at a later point - you can always unarchive your archived profiles. 

  1. Go to your Profiles overview page.
  2. Enable the Archived column and switch the toggle button at the bottom to Show archived profiles.
  3. Look for the profile you would like to unarchive.
  4. Click the red dot to unarchive the profile. A green dot indicates that the action was successful.