How to archive a profile

This article shows you how to archive a profile.

Note: An archived profile can not be fetched by the RI anymore. Archived profiles can be retrieved at any time. Profiles part of an active schedule or linked to a product can not be archived until they are removed.

Archiving a profile

  1. Log in to the online platform C-sar.
  2. Go to Roasts > Profiles
  3. If the Archived-column is not yet enabled, enable it by clicking the Customize button top-right and check the box next to Archived.
  4. To archive a profile, click the green dot next to the profile in question.
  5. The dot turns red and indicated that the profile has been successfully archived.
  6. Only archived profile can be deleted. To delete a profile use the trashbin icon.

Warning: A deleted profile cannot be retrieved. 

Unarchiving a profile

  1. To make your archived profiles visible, click the Customize button and switch the toggle button at the bottom to Show archived profiles.
  2. Look for the profile you would like to unarchive.
  3. Click the red dot to unarchive the profile. A green dot indicates that the action was successfully.