Why does the RI show "No sources connected"

A red dot and the banner No sources connected in the bottom right corner of the window indicate that the Roasting Intelligence does not recognize the input of any temperature data. 

Depending on your roast machine and how it is connected to Cropster, this can be caused by several things.

Things to check first (applies to all connection types) 

The two most common reasons for a failed connection is the physical connection itself or incorrectly set preferences. 

  1. Check the physical connection between your roast machine and computer. Make sure all cables are properly connected.
  2. Repeat all steps in the setup manual you received from your Cropster contact person. Please check whether all settings have been copied over to the RI correctly.

Cropster Connector

If your roast machine is connected by the help of a Cropster Connector (Phidget), one of the following reasons might apply: 

Incorrect driver

The Cropster Connector requires a driver to work. Download and install the Phidget driver corresponding to your computer's operating system: https://www.phidgets.com/docs/Phidgets_Drivers

Driver is blocked by system (MacOS) 

If you are on MacOS 10.13.X and higher, the Phidget driver needs to be enabled within the Mac's security settings. 

Learn how to enable the driver

Another temperature logging program is running

The Phidget can communicate with only one program at the time. 

If there is another temperature logging program running that accesses the Phidget such as Artisan or the Phidget Control Panel, the RI will show No source connected

Hint: Shut down the other program and restart RI. 

Network Connection

If your roast machine is connected to your computer via a network cable, such as Probat, Loring, Giesen, Coffee-Tech, the connection issue can be caused by the following reasons:

No static IP address is set

If your roast machine is connected directly to the computer, you need to set a static IP address within the computer's network settings. 

Note: Click here for more information on how to set a static IP address.


Roaster's IP address is not the default

The RI recognizes the roast machine by its IP address. Depending on the machine manufacturer, your roast machine has a default IP address assigned. In some cases, the roast machine's IP address has been changed and does not match the default (as shown in our setup manuals). 

Hint: The IP address of your roaster can be found in the settings of the roaster's PLC display or it shows up when restarting the roaster. Once the correct IP address has been figured out, you may need to adapt the static IP and/or adjust the RI settings accordingly. 

Network conflict

Another device in your local network uses the same IP address than the roast machine.

Hint: Either the IP address of your roaster or the IP address of the conflicting device needs to be changed. Please contact your network administrator. 

PLC not configured

The PLC of the roast machine has not been configured to communicate with external programs. 

If all the settings are correct and an IP conflict could be ruled out, please contact the manufacturer. 

USB Connection

If your roast machine is connected to your computer via a USB cable, the connection issue can be caused by the following reasons:

USB connection not recognized

Your computer does not recognize the USB connection. 

Hint: Check the setup manual for your roaster for drivers needed to recognize the roaster's connection. 

From RI, go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab, click on the Cogwheel icon next to any of the measurements. Verify the Serial port referring to the roaster's connection is still selected.


If you are not able to resolve the connection problem, please contact Cropster support. 

Create a support ticket by clicking the Support button in the bottom left corner of the RI screen and describe how the roast machine is connected to your computer. A Cropster support person will get in touch with you.