Setting the Cafe dashboard as your Cropster dashboard

If your main workplace is in, or with the cafe part of your business, we recommend setting the Cafe dashboard as your primary Cropster dashboard. 

First time logging in

If it is your first time logging into C-sar, your Cropster account, you will see a blue information box. Choose the Sure, let's do it! button to confirm, or No thanks! if you would prefer to do it later via My profile.

Via My profile page

You can set the Cafe dashboard any time as your primary dashboard from the My profile page.

  1. Go to My profile by selecting the Account button () from the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Scroll down to Default dashboard, and select Cafe Dashboard.
  3. Click the Update your dashboard button.

After the Cafe dashboard is your primary dashboard, we recommend adding a Bookmark icon for your Cafe Dashboard.

Thank you for being a Cropster customer!

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