Printing Roast labels from Roasting Intelligence (RI)

This manual explains how to print Roast labels from Roasting Intelligence (RI).

The following manual and its screenshots refer to Roasting Intelligence (RI5). 

In case you previously used Roasting Intelligence (RI4) we kindly invite you to check the newly improved features of RI5. 

To upgrade to RI5, please download Roasting Intelligence (RI5).

Within Roasting Intelligence (RI), you can print labels to tag your roasted batches. You can print your roast labels right after a roast batch by batch or in bulk. Before printing your labels make sure the label printer is set up and customize your roast labels to show only information that is relevant to you.

Printing a single batch

After you have finished a roast within Roasting Intelligence (RI), you will see it in the Production overview on the left-hand side of the RI screen. 

By following the steps below you can print a roast label

  1. Click the dots (...) from the Total or Roasted tab to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Print roast label
    Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 14.57.39
  3. The Printing dialogue opens. Click Print to start the printing process. 

Print roast label (legacy) is a printing option that will be phased out soon. We strongly advise sticking with the Print roast label option. 

Printing multiple batches at once

If you would like to print labels for more than one roast in bulk:

  1. Switch to the Roasted tab. 
  2. Click the Select/Deselect all button to select all roasted batches
    💡 Press CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Windows) and click the batch to select several single batches.
  3. Click the Print button top right. 
  4. The Printing dialogue opens. Click Print to start the printing process. 

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Congratulations! You are now ready to print Roast labels from 
Roasting Intelligence (RI).

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