How to roast without a profile

It is not possible to roast without using a profile in the Roasting Intelligence (RI). This article covers a work-around that seems contradictory at first.

Within the online platform C-sar

  1. Log in to our online platform C-sar
  2. Go to Roasts > Profiles and add a new profile by clicking the + Add Profile button. 
  3. Choose a profile name that ideally refers to the fact that you are roasting without profile. E.g. "No profile", "Off", etc...
  4. Leave all the other fields empty. 
  5. Save the profile by clicking Create profile.

Note: For more information on Profiles, click here

Within the Roasting Intelligence (RI)

  1. Log in to the RI
  2. Click the Synchronize button to fetch the newly created profile from the online platform.
  3. Choose the "No profile"-profile. 
  4. Enter any Green inventory and Total start weight.
    The batch size must not exceed the machines maximum capacity.  
  5. Click Start, to start the roast.

Warning: It is not recommended to set a reference roast for this profile, as it should imitate a roast without a profile set.