How to print labels for my roast batches

Printing a single batch

You can print a label for a roast by opening up the following sequence of pages. 

  1. In Roasting Intelligence, click the dots (...) to open the drop down menu
  2. Click Print roast label

Printing multiple batches at once

  1. Switch to Roasted tab. 
  2. Click the Select/Deselect all button to select all roasted batches
    Note: Press CMD and click the batch to select several single batches.
  3. Click Print

Note: Click here for more information on how to set up your label printer. 

The roast label displays the following information: 

  • Roast time / Date
  • Machine, Roast technician
  • Profile
  • PR-number (batch number)
  • Duration
  • Start/End Weight / Weight Loss
  • Roast Value 1
  • Roast Notes
  • Green lot (but only on single origin)
  • Date printed

Example of a roast label: