Cropster Cup Requirements

Important notification

  • Android:
    Cropster Cup is no longer available via Google Play Store for download (from 2023-05-01 onwards).
    If you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store before 2023-05-01, the app will remain functional. 
  • iOS:
    The Cropster Cup app will remain available via the App Store until further notice. 

We recommend using the web app version of Cropster Cup via to not miss any important updates.

The current version of the web application does not run offline, but we will add that functionality soon. 

Please visit and start using the latest version of Cropster Cup. 
📚 Learn how to use Cropster Cup via the browser.

Supported Operating Systems 

  • Apple iOS 10.0 and higher
  • Kindle Fire

Pre-release alpha or beta versions of iOS are not officially supported by Cropster. Early-release software can (and probably will) cause problems on your device. 

iPad Models

Please note: Apple's iOS upgrades can be applied to many older iPads. The results of this Apple strategy are mixed. Some older iPads that can run iOS9 are very slow or only able to support a limited set of applications due to their age and hardware specifications. Due to these limitations, we recommend the following models (or newer) to ensure the best possible experience for cuppers using Cropster Cup. 


  • iPad Air (any)
  • iPad Mini (any)
  • iPad 4th Generation
  • iPad Pro

Your opinion matters. If you have further questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from