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Which espresso machines are compatible with Cropster Cafe

This article lists which espresso machine brands and models are compatible with Cropster Cafe.

Almost any volumetric machine can be connected to Cropster Cafe with the BrewBeacon.

📚Learn how to install the BrewBeacon and connect it to your Cropster Cafe account. 

La Marzocco
 is our first connected partner for Cropster Cafe. We can currently connect to the following models via the La Marzocco Pro App :

GB5 S AV or ABR (new) 
GB5 X AV or ABR (new) 
Linea PB AV or ABR
Linea PB X AV or ABR
KB90 AV or ABR
Linea Classic S

Stay tuned for more connected brands and models. If you want to be notified, be sure to leave your details here

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