Using Cafe's Production report

In this article you will learn how to use Cafe's Production report to better understand your connected espresso machines.

To learn what espresso machines are compatible with Cropster Cafe, visit the following manual: What are the espresso machines compatible with Cropster Cafe?

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Note: In order to access the Production report, you need a connected espresso machine, and you need to have Cafe manager permissions. Learn about how to connect your espresso machine in Cropster Cafe, and  How to add and remove users (user permissions).

Cafe's Production report

The Production report helps you understand how much you've used your espresso machines (i.e. how many brews you've done over a certain period). You can also gain insight into how much coffee you've used across one or more of your locations!

To open the Production Report, follow the steps below:
  1. From C-sar, go to Cafe > Production Report.
  2. Select your filters.

    1. Enter the date range you'd like to take a look at.

      Note: Click on the start date or end date fields to prompt a calendar to choose amongst pre-defined date ranges or enter a custom date.
    2. Select the Locations to base the report on.
    3. From the Compare to field, select a comparison period:
      • Previous period: Compare against the same number of days before your set start date.
      • Previous year: Compare against the same date range set from the previous year.
    4. Select if you want your report to focus on (Show) the number of Brews or Dosage. This filter affects the graphs but not the overview cards.
  3. Click the Apply filters button.

    Overview cards

    Note: On the Overview cards, the top value refers to the selected date range, whilst the bottom value refers to the Comparison period.

    The first overview section gives you key numbers that indicate your production for the selected filters, and how it compares to the comparison period selected (e.g. previous period, previous year).

    * = Whether the Overview card averages appear as daily/weekly/monthly, depends on the length of your selected date range.

    • Total brews: The total number of brews in your selected date range and comparison period.
    • Total dosage: The total amount of coffee you used for your selected date range, and comparison period.
    • Average brews: How many brews on average per day/week/month* for your selected date range, and comparison period.
    • Average doses: How much coffee you used on average per day/week/month* for your selected date range, and comparison period.

    Production over time

    This graph shows your production over time for your selected date range, and comparison period. The graph is based either on your Brews or Dosage as per your set filters. This will help you gain insight into peak times, as well as growth, or decline across one or more of your locations.

    Note: The number of data points shown on the graph depends on the length of your selected date range.

    For example, if you select 1 day, the graph's x-axis will show you a data point per hour; if you select 1 week, the graph will show a data point per day, etc.

    Production per machine

    This section of the report splits the production per espresso machine for the selected comparison period and locations set. The chart is based on either your Brews or Dosage as per your set filters.

    Underneath the chart is the machine's Production card, indicating the Total brews, Total dose, and Top recipes for your selected date range and locations.

    The production cards also indicate an upwardor downward trend, comparing either your Brews, or Dose from the selected date range with those from the previous comparison period.

    The production cards can be sorted either by Total production or Production trend.

    Congratulations! You are ready to use Cropster Cafe's Production report! 

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