How to allow remote control via TeamViewer (Mac only)

Apple has introduced a security feature with MacOS 10.14 (and higher) that requires additional permissions to be assigned to TeamViewer to allow us to control your Mac after connecting to your computer via TeamViewer.

When downloading TeamViewer you will be prompted to review the System access. In case you have ignored the prompt, you can do so afterwards as well. 

  1. Open the TeamViewer app
  2. Click Help > Check system access.
    (The yellow triangle indicates that full access has not been granted)
  3. The following window appears. 
  4. Click Request Access... under Screen Recording.
  5. The following window pops up. Click Open System Preferences. 
  6. The Privacy settings will open.
  7. On the bottom left corner, click on the lock icon to make changes. You need to enter your PC password to confirm.
  8. Check the box, next to TeamViewer QuickSupport (under Screen Recording)
  9. The following dialog appears. Click Later.
  10. Switch to the Accessibility menu in the left menu bar and, again, check the box next to TeamViewer QuickSupport
  11. When the following dialog appears again. Click Quit & Reopen to apply the changes.
  12. Open the  TeamViewer QuickSupport app again and Allow the Cropster Support person to reconnect.

Both, Screen Recording and Accessibility, appear as Allowed.