Adding the roast value (e.g. ColorTrack, Agtron)

Agtron, ColorTrack, Javalitics and more are all methods to measure the Roast value

You can save two roast values (Roast value 1 and Roast value 2), one for whole beans and one for ground beans, with your roasts.

Setting up the method

  1. Log in to the Roasting Intelligence (RI)
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > General
  3. Choose the device you are using to measure the roast value from the dropdown.
    • You can choose two different devices for Roast value 1 and Roast value 2
  4. Save your changes.

Entering the roast value

There are two ways to enter the roast value within the Roasting Intelligence (RI):

  1. Under the Today's production overview (this can also be done while roasting) 
    • On the roasted batch you'd like to enter the roast value for, either double click or select the dots (...) to open the drop down menu and click on Edit batch
    • Enter the roast value and click Save to confirm.
  2. Immediately after the roast before saving it:

Note: The roast value can also be added within the online platform C-sar after the roast has been synced. Click here for more information about how to edit a completed roast.