Which probes/temperature sensors does Cropster support

Cropster supports two types of temperature sensors:

  1. Ungrounded Thermocouples of the types J, K, T and E 
  2. Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) o the types PT-100 and PT-100

Cropster only supports UNGROUNDED sensors. Ungrounded means that the junction (the point where the actual temperature is measured) does not touch the hull/sheath. Ungrounded thermocouple reduces the risk of ground loops.


Cropster delivers different databridge hardware and installation guides depending on if you use thermocouples or RTDs. Please specify which type you are using upon ordering!


Where can I get probes/temperature sensors?

Following companies provide thermosensors in your area:

Who can help with the installation of temperature sensors?

Your roast machine manufacturer, refurbisher or roast technician will be able to provide technical support. 

Or contact one of the following regional roast technicians:

  • US: Michael Whitley (Alliance Service Network)
  • OZ: Peter Wolff (Wolff Coffee Roasters)
  • ZA: Neil Maree (Genio Coffee Roasters)
  • Europe: Malcolm Quarleri (Coffeetec.co.uk)

Can I keep my current temperature readout in parallel?

There are two ways how to do this:

  • Splicing
  • Dual Probes

Splicing (thermocouples only)

Splicing means you connect the Cropster Connector (data bridge) with a two-wire cable (per logged temperature) in parallel to the according channels of your current readout.

Check out the splicing instructions for more information. 

Splicing does not work for RTD sensors. Splicing does not work on all roasters. If you get irregular or spiky readouts please replace your probe with a dual probe.

Dual Probes

Dual probes carry two independent temperature sensors in one probe coating. Hence, each Dual probe carries at least 2x2 wires in one cable. After installing the probe, connect one pair of wires to your current readout, the other pair to the Cropster Connector.