Readouts in Roasting Intelligence (RI) appear as squares

This article shows you what to do when the machine readouts appear as squares in the Roasting Intelligence (RI).


After a successful machine connection, the readouts appear as squares:


The RI's language setting defaults to the system's language settings. When your system's language is set to a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Arabic), it could result into a display issue for the measurements set up in the RI. 

To fix the problem, you need to revise the RI's language settings from System default to e.g. English

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. From Roasting Intelligence (RI), go to Account > Preferences > General tab.
  2. Under the section User interface, click on the Language drop-down menu.
  3. Select English. 

  4. Save the preferences.
  5. Close and reopen Roasting Intelligence to apply the changes. 

If the problem persists after you have followed the steps outlined in this manual, please create a support ticket by clicking the Support button in the left lower corner of the app. A Cropster support rep will get in touch with you.