How to isolate a temperature probe

This article shows you how to isolate a temperature probe using Teflon tape to reduce erratic temperature fluctuations.

If you're experiencing erratic temperature fluctuation or interference while using ungrounded probes there can be a few reasons why. One common reason for erratic readings is the probe itself may be grounded through contact with the roaster's probe mounting location.

The best way to prevent this issue from affecting you is to isolate your probe from the roaster.


Isolating the probe

Turn off the roast machine and remove the probe from the roast machine and take off the compression fitting.

  1. Start by wrapping the Teflon tape beginning at the base of the probe as shown below.
  2. Once wrapped, twist the metal bushing onto the base of the probe going with the Teflon tape, to avoid bunching up the tape.
  3. Inset the nylon bushing (white cylinder in photo above) then the fitting and screw the end cap on to the fitting. A finished setup is shown below.

Depending on your mounting location it may be easier to secure the fitting into your roast machine first, then mount the probe to the fitting.

Congratulations! You have successfully isolated your probe.