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Fulfilling Orders

This article explains the Order Fulfillment process.


This article assumes that you have already synchronized orders from your online store or have manually created some.

Syncing Orders

By following the steps below you can synchronize Orders from your online shop

  1. Navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Click the Synchronize button on top right.
  3. Open orders will be synced to the online platform with the following information:
    • ID-Tag: Each order will receive an ID-tag with OR.
    • Status: Unprocessed orders will be marked as Received.
    • External Ref.: Refers to the order number in your online shop.
    • Order date: The date when the order has been placed
    • Items ordered: Only active and mapped products will appear in Cropster.
    • Shops: Indicates where the order is coming from
      / : external shops 
      : manually entered
    • Customer type: Wholesale or Retail

Order Fulfillment Plan

By following the steps below, you can group your Orders into an Order Fulfillment Plan:

  1. Navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Check the box next to the Orders you wish to fulfill, and press the Fulfill button top right to be led to the Add order fulfillment page.
  3. Under the Fulfillment date, select when the Order fulfillment needs to be completed.
  4. Double-check the Orders.
    • You can add an Order by clicking + Add order and selecting the respective OR number from the list.
    • You can remove Orders by clicking the Remove button 
  5. When you are happy with the result, click Create Order fulfillment. 

The Order Fulfillment Plan will be added to the Order Fulfillment overview page tagged with a unique ID with the prefix OF-.

With the created Order fulfillment plan, the order status on the Orders overview page changes to In progress for related orders.

Allocating Packaged Inventory

By following the steps below you can allocate the stock available for the Order Fulfillment Plan:

Do not skip this part even if you have no stock to assign, as this step automatically generates packaging plans for the outstanding amounts. 

  1. From the overview page, click the OF tag to access the Order Fulfillment Plan detail page
  2. Select the Allocation tab.

  3. Click Add Allocation to get to the Stock Allocation page.
    💡 On the Stock Allocation page, you see how much of each product variant you have available and how much is ordered.
  4. If you want to assign already packaged stock to the order, enter the stock amount for the packages you want to allocate to the Order Fulfillment Plan.
    💡 Based on your input, the Remaining to be Packaged column shows you how much more coffee needs to be packaged. 
  5. Click Save allocation to proceed.

This will automatically create Packaging Plans for the outstanding amounts based on the FIFO (First in, First Out) method, which can be reviewed on the Packaging Plans tab. 

If you don't have any outstanding amounts after Stock allocation, you can switch to the Pick List tab and mark your orders as completed. 

To automatically create Packaging Plans, click the Save allocation button, even if you have not assigned any stock to the Order Fulfillment Plan. 

Scheduling remaining weights

The Order conversion pulls data from the profiles directly. All the information, like green inventory, machine, batch size, and weight loss, will be prefilled according to the Profile.

💡 We strongly recommend maintaining profile groups and profiles for a smooth order-to-roast conversion. 

  1. Switch to the Roast Schedules tab. 
  2. Click Add Schedules to prepare your roast schedules. 
  3. You will be led to the Order conversion screen.
    • Remaining: Shows the ordered amount - allocated packaged coffee.
    • Available: Loose roasted inventory that can be allocated to a Packaging plan. 
    • To roast: the actual need for roasted coffee to fulfill the order
    • Batches: The actual need converted to the number of batches. 
  4. If there are any errors, like missing information, the field will be indicated with an exclamation mark. 
  5. Click the Edit button next to the item you would like to edit and fill in any missing information or change your schedule.

    💡 You can switch the Profile within the Profile group, Green lot, Start and End weight, Weight loss, assign a different machine, Batch size, or update the number of batches. 
  6. Select the date to add the roast schedules under Schedule roasts at the top.
  7. When you are happy, click Schedule Roasts.
  8. The scheduled batches show up now. Click the Edit button in case you need to revise any information. 
  9. Via Roasts > Schedules, you can access the Schedules overview page to view the status of your roasted batches.

Package Roasted Inventory

If a Packaging Plan has been automatically generated through the Stock allocation feature, you have the option to review the associated packaging plans and their current statuses.

From this tab, you can 

Once the Packaging plans are Completed, you can switch to the Pick List tab, to mark your orders as completed. 

Picklist tab

The Picklist shows the list of all orders in an Order Fulfillment Plan. 

To keep accurate track of your orders and roasted inventory, it is important to mark the orders as complete, once they are packaged. 

Click the Complete button to mark the order as packaged and ready to be shipped.

If you want to undo this action, click the Return button. 

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Congratulations! You have learned how to fulfill your Orders. 

Your opinion matters. If you have further questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from support.cropster.com.