How to set up a second instance of the RI (workaround)

This manual explains how to set up a second independent instance of the Roasting Intelligence (RI). This serves as a workaround when you are using one computer for two roast machines.

Instead of changing the RI preferences each time you switch machines, you can open a second instance of the RI when roasting on a different machine.

Downloading and preparing the script file


  1. Download the start-up script to your desktop: RoastingIntelligence4_2ndinstance.vbs
  2. Double-click the startup script (RoastingIntelligence4_2instance.vbs) to open a second instance of Roasting Intelligence.
  3. Set up the Roasting Intelligence according to the machine being used. 


If using MacOS, you will need to make the start script executable. 

  1. Download the to your desktop.

  2. Unpack the file by double-clicking it. It will create a new file called make_executable.

  3. Unpack the start script file ( will create a file called RoastingIntelligence4_2instance.command.

  4. Drag the RoastingIntelligence4_2instance.command file on top of the extracted make_executable automator file.

    • This action will cause multiple security notifications to appear, please allow them all so that this can work properly. 
      • Click Open to proceed. 
      • Confirm again, by clicking Open
      • Click OK to close the window.
      • Go to Apple icon > System Preferences > Security & Privacy and click the Open Anyway button to allow the execution. d787a492-22d2-435e-bab3-90734bc12a0e
      • Proceed by clicking the Open button.  
  5. Double-click the startup script (RoastingIntelligence4_2instance.command) to open a second instance of Roasting Intelligence. 


Check how to run a sh-file on Linux or issue a support ticket for further assistance.

Setting up a second instance

  1. Open the second instance by double clicking the start up script.

  2. Log in to RI using your regular credentials.

  3. Open Account > Preferences > Machine tab and select your secondary roaster.

  4. Make sure all settings are applied correctly and save your changes to apply.

  5. When roasting on machine #1, open the RI by clicking on the regular icon (Cropster logo) and when using machine #2, open the RI via the script file.

Hint: Rename the icons according to the machine being used, e.g. Probatone 25 and Probatino: