Simple vs variable products

In this article you will learn when to use Variable products, as opposed to Simple products.

Note: To learn about adding products, visit the following article: Add New Product

Simple product

A Simple product is a product that gets sold in one packaging unit (e.g. 250g) and exactly one grind style (e.g. whole). Simple products have no variations.

Note: If you sell ALL your coffees in only 1 weight variation, and 1 grind style, then a Simple product is enough.

If you need to have a Simple product ordered in a grind style or package unit other that the Defaults set from C-sar, the product must be set up as a Variable product.

Variable products

Hint: To learn all about Variable products you can read the following article: WooCommerce - Variable Product

A Variable product is a product that gets sold in multiple variations of weight and grind style (or any other variation).

The weight variations are used for creating the production plan in Cropster. For this reason, as soon as you have more than 1 weight, or grind style variation, ALL your coffee products MUST be Variable products.

It is not possible to map different variations within one product, to two different profiles. Product variations requiring a different roast profile than the other variations within the product, should NOT be set up as variations from the Variable product, instead if you need to set a different profile, you need to create a new product for the differing roast profile.