Using the Lot Transaction Report

The following article shows you how to use the Lot Transaction Report.

The Lot Transaction Report puts the focus on one lot at a time. It allows you to review all transactions on a lot-by-lot basis and shows the weight added and removed over time.

  1. Go to Reports > Lot Transaction
  2. Search for the lot you want to review, by typing either ID-Tags (PG- codes), lot names or project names in the selection input field.
  3. Select a lot from the list and either hit "Enter" or click on the "Search" (magnifying glass) button.

Analyzing the transaction history

After you have selected a lot, you will see the following information about the lot:

  • Incoming weight: Shows the total incoming weight of the last year. (1)
  • Outgoing weight: Shows the total outgoing weight of the last year. (2)
  • Actual weight: Actual weight = total incoming weight - total outgoing weight (3)
  • Chart: Shows the sum of all grouped by day. (4)
  • Search field: Search for other lots (5)
  • Table view: Contains detailed view of all transactions. (6)
    If you click on an ID-tag of a lot displayed in the table, it will open in this report and replace the currently selected lot. This allows you to go up and down in your lot chain. For example if you open a blend, you will see all the incoming green lots and you can select one to see which other lots also contain it.
  • Download button: Export the information in the table to an Excel-file, by clicking "Download as Excel". (7)