Setting up wholesale prices & discounts on your storefront

This manual shows you how to set up discounts on your wholesale storefront.

Wholesale prices

If you run a wholesale only storefront (no retail), we recommend to use the Retail price field for all your base wholesale prices. The reason is that the Retail price set will be the default price set to this price value, if no specific other wholesale price/role is defined.

Note: All discount rules set globally or per category/user role, will also be applied to the retail price. 

Pricing strategy

Setting up your wholesale prices will depend on your wholesale pricing strategy. In general you can decide between several different strategies: 

Note: To learn more about wholesale roles, please scroll down to the Via wholesale roles section of the manual.

Hint: A discount on a user level will always be strongest. 

These pricing strategies can also be combined. 

In general discounts in % are recommended, as they will help you to maintain the products easily in the future. When you go with a total new price, you need to recalculate that price every time for all customer groups when you make a price update. With a discount rule, this happens automatically. 

After registering the roles, specify the discounts like outlined below. 

Setting up discounts

Via Wholesale roles (recommended)

Note: This is the recommended route to set price discounts for specific groups of customers.

Please be aware, prior to taking to setting discounts, you need to have set up your wholesale roles

  1. From your Dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale prices > Discounts.

  2. Select the Wholesale role the discount will be available to, then select the Percent discount.
  3. When you are done, click Add mapping.
  4. The newly added discount will be displayed below the General discount options section.
  5. You may edit the rule by clicking the pencil icon, or delete by clicking the "Xicon.

Note: You can set discounts on product categories (i.e. all wholesale customers with the role "Wholesale customer" could get a 10% discount on all "Blends" products). To learn more, see the following section.

    Via categories for a specific Wholesale role

    1. Go to Products > Categories.
    2. Hover over the Category in question, then click Edit.
    3. Scroll down to the Wholesale customer field, then input a % value (i.e. 3 percent then enter 3, 30 percent then enter 30, 0.3 percent then enter 0.3.)
      Note: If you would like to restrict the visibility of a complete category to a specific Wholesale role (i.e. "Merchandise" products can only be seen by "Silver" customers) you can do this with the Wholesale role filter.
    4. Click the Update button.

    Via a product

    1. From your shop Dashboard, go to Products.
    2. Click Add new/Duplicate if you need to add a new product, or if you would like to edit an existing product, hover over the product you want to edit, then click Edit.
    3. Scroll down to the Product data section.

      • Wholesale prices*: Wholesale prices for the product
      • Wholesale minimum order quantity*
      • Wholesale order quantity step*
      • Product Quantity Based Wholesale Pricing
    4. When you are satisfied with the changes, click on Update.

        * = Only applies to customers with the Wholesale role

        Note: From a product's Wholesale prices section, you may overwrite a new Wholesale price for a single product, for a single Wholesale role.

        Via a user

        1. From your Dashboard, go to the Users section.
        2. Find the customer in question, then click Edit.
        3. Scroll down to Override wholesale general discount.
        4. Click on the Override wholesale general discount drop-down menu, and select Yes.
        5. Under the Percent discount (%) field, select the discount percentage.
        6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click Update user.

        Congratulations! You can now set up discounts on your wholesale storefront!

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