Setting up the Gas control measurement (open beta) - Giesen

The following article shows you how to set up Gas control for your Giesen roaster within the Roasting Intelligence.


RI4 is not available on Giesen's built-in Siemens panels. These panels are not powerful enough to support RI4's advanced features. If you have one, you will need an external computer to access these new features.

Setting up the measurement

The following applies, if the roaster has already been successful connected to the according computer. 

If your roast machine is not yet connected to Cropster, follow the Giesen machine setup manual first:

  1. Open the Roasting Intelligence app.
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab. 
  3. Scroll down to Gas control.
    If you cannot find the Gas control measurement within the RI settings, learn how to add the Gas control measurement online. 
  4. Select Giesen PLC for the Gas control measurement.
  5. Click Save
  6. The RI needs to be restarted.

Replay assist preferences

When using Cropster's Replay assist feature, by default the gas setting will be reset within 5 seconds after the end of a roast to the selected profile's initial gas setting, so the roaster is heating up to charge temperature. To revise the settings: 

  1. Go to Account > Preferences > General tab. 
    • Enable replay feature: When this box in unchecked, no Replay button next to the Start button appears. 
    • Reset profile gas setting: When checked, the gas setting will change to the profiles initial gas setting after X seconds.

Check out Using Replay assist to learn more about using the feature.